It’s the number one problem with affiliate marketing. Stop falling for the fake ...

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... promises and scams! This stuff takes time to build!


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It's interesting that people still fail on the same tricks for ages... I have commented a few days ago somewhere that it looks that every new day people are less intelligent, brain-washed with all media stuff...

...and believe in things like earn in 30 days (legally) and be rich is really a childish thing...

Btw... meme is great :)


Thanks man!

Yeah just wait, spend enough time in internet marketing circles and you will be blown away at the silliness of some things people fall for.

Exactly on point Jon, it takes time, hard work and consistency to get anywhere, and an order of magnitude more to get rich, stay awesome and I hope you will get well soon.

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I was always dumbfounded when people fell for the scam about Bill Gates sending people money if they just forwarded an email or shared a facebook post. Did people really think he got rich by being stupid/gullible?


lol I have no idea...but all I have seen is...misery!

So, so, so true, been down that road so many times in the past! Learned my lesson years ago!



🤣🤣🤣.....thank you for laughing at the early morning 😆


For sure :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Omg!!! 😂😂😂😁

This is hilarious

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Trying to have a little bit of fun but still speak the truth :)


Lol. Obviously 😂

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What a meme! 😂🤣 it truly takes time to build. One day at a time.. I know I will get there too 😉👍

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Yup :) Slow and steady...And anything that promises overnight, we should run away from!

"just standing right here next to my ferrari" 😂😂

Definitely really nice for comments and general engagement. Just needs some upgrades to posts and I am converted.

Thanks for the laugh great stuff

This is a great mem meem me me