Why Is Appics One Of The Most Important Projects On Steem Today?


So I'm about to be a guinea pig...

And show you why I feel that Appics might be the most important project on Steem right now! Especially when it comes to actually getting people to use this stuff every day and engage with each other...

I wanted to test the engagement levels on different social media platforms, and make the same 'meme' post on each. I chose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course @Appics .

And yes, while Appics / Steem do reward you for commenting and curating, that doesn't always mean people will...My thinking was, Appics is brand new, it's fresh and the Steem community in general, tends to be more supportive for all creators. No matter how many followers you may have...

(Given you spend the time with them!)

So let's dive into the numbers and see what we can find.

1. Facebook (2156 'Friends')


24 'likes' and absolutely zero comments. Which I found interesting because generally, Facebook is a haven for engagement. And while not my 'highest' number of friends and followers, I tend to get pretty good engagement numbers when I stick funny memes and content up. So 24 likes...Zero comments in the land of Zuckerberg.

2. Twitter (174 followers on CTPtalk account, Retweeted to 10,500 on JonGOlson account)


This really surprised me. Only 3 retweet, 10 likes and zero comments. These numbers were very small when it came to engagement. Now being fair, the account that created the original tweet only had 174 followers. But my main account did re-tweet it, which is my largest social media following. And usually VERY engaging. Really small numbers from Twitter with this meme.

3. Instagram (108 followers)


7 'likes' and 2 comments. Quick back story on my Instagram account. This is brand new and I started it about a month ago. For some reason, Instagram 'banned' my original account that I had for years and I was stuck creating a brand new one. So the numbers are low and expected to be low. But still more engagement than Twitter....? Very weird...

And now it's time for....


This just blows me away...Especially when you combine it with my other numbers on Steem....


(Appics direct numbers)

Jon G  Olson   jongolson  — Steemit (20).png

(Steemit direct numbers)

O.k., let's not even MENTION the fact that the Appics post is generating $2.90 in APX rewards and $7.51 in Steem / Steem Power as well...This is a huge deal for a lot of content creators because we can be generating real rewards...Right away!

The number one issue facing content creators is being rewarded for your art and content WHILE you are building your following. Sure you can get fancy stuff from the bigger social media platforms...If you are Kim Kardashian....

But this is the beauty of projects on Steem, specifically @Appics ...You see, you can actually get REWARDED for your passion. While growing your followers and building awesome relationships in the process.

Ahhh but here's the best part....

I have 2375 followers on Steem / Appics. And we're only getting started!

So while not 10,500 followers like on my Twitter account, I still have a healthy amount of people I've networked with, and built relationships with over the past 23 months...I'm GROWING everyday as are the relationships with my followers here.

Check out those comments though....7 different people commented on my meme!!!!

Are you keeping score yet? Because that's 5 more than my Instagram post, and 7 more than both Twitter and Facebook.

That's powerful!!!

@Appics is JUST getting started and with the release of their APX token....This thing is positioned to take off!

They 'get it' when it comes to content creators. Not everyone wants to write Pulitzer Prize winning articles on social media...Sometimes we just wanna take a picture of our kids. Or maybe a quick video of a dance routine. Or heck, a silly meme for @ClickTrackProfit ....

And that's how we act on traditional social media.

So if we want to be taken seriously as a 'social blockchain' that thrives on community, the engagement HAS to be a priority.

It's about to get REALLY exciting for this platform, and I'm so pumped up to see what the next few months have ins tore for @Appics


The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.

=> https://teespring.com/stores/clicktrackprofit

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser - https://www.CTPtalk.com

CTP Token on Steem-Engine - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=CTP

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX - https://dex.steemleo.com/?token=CTP

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Take in account that curation trails make these high numbers.


oh for sure. the numbers will always be more here for the curation and reward aspect of it. but i just love the engagement i get on steem and apps like appics. people are always commenting :)

@tipu curate

I've registered too....but not yet try it...
Interface looks quite nice ...

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Thanks very much. Yeah it's awesome...And it's just getting started which is so exciting!

Great experiment Jon! Is it possible the big and mighty like Twitter didn't like your tags and the tweet wasn't showed to your entire audience? I've heard that happening before, so that wouldn't be a surprise...

Anyway, still haven't figured out how to use Appics... Can't find any app. I might be the dumbest (relatively) smart person around. :)


So you go to the Appics website and register, then after a few days you get an email where you get enrolled in their prerelease app for either iOS or Android.

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Thanks man! Appreciate it! I didn't know this was a prerelease version, or I might've figured out I needed to register.


That's what I'm thinking....I shared this post on Facebook today..,..2 likes LOL Especially cause it was a Steemit link too...

Mind-blowing stats! And it's time for some new STEEM dapp to BUMP! Didn't checked APPICS as I'm doing most of the stuff on my computer, but I will take a look after these stats that you have dropped here...


Yeah I admit, I love writing and doing much longer video content...But Appics is great for quick posts and quick videos!

I love taking photos and videos, so I'm definitely using APPICS a lot!!! The APX token is indeed a great addition! 😊😊

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Indeed! And if it starts selling off today, I'm going on a shopping spree LOL

Nice outlook! I love the idea on getting more people involved. I wonder that so many resist doing it already.


Apps like this will help. Put it in people's hands, more people will use it!


Apps like this will help.
Put it in people's hands, more
People will use it!

                 - jongolson

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes... Apics just needs to step up the front end a bit more, to me, it needs a bit more option on the write up semantics. I know it's all about pictures... but I would love to see ways to customize the number of pictures and layout within both from the HTML point of view and within the app.

But consistency and the nice design of the app... is really top notch of what I consider where the value is.


It's made very similar to how Instagram works. And I think it's still in beta so the kinks will be worked out soon :)


Yep... I am peacefully waiting... =) I know the people involved are quite "experienced".

This really does show the power of engagement we get here on the Steem blockchain Jon, and Appics is certainly among the better dApps we have, and the fact that it's more easy going content will appeal to the masses, as for myself I have been using that dApp every day for over a week now, just needed something to share smaller content, stay awesome.

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Your short videos have been epic man....Really well done! And showing the power of the app for sure!


Thanks a lot man.

Its so true. I also think that the most engagement ive got is on Steem. Instagram organic reach is slowly dying. TikTok is only for videos. YouTube is not even better also especially that they block and dont show probably 70% of content because of all censorship, crypto and shit... There is still LinkedIn but It is mostly for specific business content :)


yeah man. and this stuff is so new so anyone can build a following now and grow with them. it’s pretty exciting.

Damn something else to learn when I can have a moment to pay attention.
Very interesting stats I must say.


It's crazy man...The more I use this stuff, the more I'm certain it's the future of social media and content creation. It's still sooooo new so a great time to get involved.

Thanks for sharing your experiment @jongolson I performed a similar one (although with LinkedIn instead of Instagram) and also found the response to follower/friend ratio was a lot higher here, than the other three socialmedia sites. It's definitely more rewarding to post here! ;)


For sure...And I think our ability to build a following here is much easier than on the bigger platforms...So much easier here (and rewarding too)


hope they take all the insta users 🥳


LOL Yeah, I'm no fan of Instagram. I feel like I 'have' to use it cause it's so popular...

Are those rewards in APX accurate? Or is that only an indication? I am very curious of that, because the first real APX rewards will be released today, what will that do with the price of the token...

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For me, I'm just playing the accumulate mode right now for APX....So if people start selling, I'm buying LOL

But not sure, should be accurate...Price was higher from my post yesterday (Over $3) but APX had a sell off....We will see :)


I have a post with 75 USD APX token maturing, so I am quite interested 😏

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Wow, I have one for 13 lol Need to find all the APX holders and meet them lol

Have @appics on my list of "things to do" since I've returned to Steemit and the Steem blockchain. So much has happened in less than two years. Love hearing about this little experiment. Moving @appics up on my list to check out next chance I get, that and @actifit.
th (1).jpg

Thanks for sharing Jon. Another reason why we all need smartphones! If @Appics continues to outperform all other social media sites, then we're on to a real winner!

That's the advantage of the merger here on Steem of the affiliation CTPtalk tribe with the developer tribes. They develop the script, we trial and promote, all steemians benefit: win-win-win.

this was brilliant & informative. Marketers always talk about split testing.
Headlines, colors, pages, sales copy, yada yada. How about split testing social media platforms? Find out where YOUR own higher engagements comes from.
Look forward to future results on this.

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