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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on top of a blockchain and enables people from around the globe to connect allowing all participants to benefit. APPICS is the very first Smart Media Token based on the Steem blockchain


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Have you put all this long text ( description) in the Appics app, while posting?
Or you just edited the post, once it went online?
I can't see how the long description text can be entered.


Hi! I´ve added the text on Steemit after it went online.


OK, thanks. That was my guess. I'm glad I am not missing anything so far ( may be)

Thanks for letting me know that! I appreciate it and I can do something with it, thanks !

There you go girls, lovely picture 🙌🏼

My girls <3
What a nice trip. Can not wait for the adventures ahead!


Me neither ❤️