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Shes a top shelf hooman. u realize liek, what 0.01% of people are ass attractive as she is? rite? her instagram followers are proof. its like money now. goldman sachs guy said so himself on TV! He said money is now consensus, it was like he was talking about steem. Thanks @battleaxe !


It is not her, human. Someone is simply stealing her images. Humans are very silly.

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Then there's a massive scam going down if thats true, and i doubt that conspiracy, @soldier introduced her as an official @appics influencer dude.

so @soldier would have to have decieving all of us and then large whales upvoted her so they are comlicit too? lol do some research bruh! come on u cant just assume everyone is a scammer just because steem never id any marketing and ewe never got more than a few hundred thousand real users over 3 years... we can do better tho appics is i believe doing tjis.

LOL HEY maybe im wrong and tehers a massive steem conspiracy :D

but maybe u also meant that appics is "stealing" her pics and that its not really "her" and u maybe disagree with appics/ i dunno lo. i mean its like @share2steem

anyway i wanna believe man. why would she get introduced here


Or maybe ur just trollin :D

Good morning beauty 💛☀️

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i cant stop resteeming you! i am so happy @soldier made a post about how she or maybe @appics brought you to steem via appics from @instagram

im impressed. your instagram following is like, more than all our active users. if you make a daily post with steem logo drawn on ur hand and say somethin abouts teemu will start making like $100 per day
The position for steem social media mascot is basically open to anyone, just include steem in some selifes, like steem logo and say something about 3 second block times, or Free Transactions, and you will get like $100 per day and when steem is back higher youd be making $1000 a day like @sweetsssj :D

soulcontractlogo1 1.png

just a crypto sneak peak

here is 100 CHLp i just sent to you as well. Check out the project Molly Eskam si a model and her dad runs the project and brother is the main developer, super talented super people :D You could get into a fitness dapp like sports, actifit and @challengedac :)