I am again late to the party😱⠀ Just today, I heard about the whole Justin Sun and ...

2년 전

... Steemit story. A lot of stuff happened on the STEEM Blockchain, uiuiui.⠀

On the other hand, Appics is making progress. Nice💪🏾


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Good to see you bruv...
Things might turn out messy in the coming days but Community users are doing their best. I hope you are doing great in other things in your life my man!


Thanks for asking my friend. Other parts in my life are exhausting but they are all running well 😁

Gut, dass Du da bist - hast extrem viel verpasst. Appics ok, aber #Steem hat durch die ganze Diskussion insbesondere auf Twitter gut "Awareness" erhalten, selbst Vitalik von Ethereum und John McAfee schreiben davon und setzen sich für die #Steem #Community ein - mal schauen was passiert


Bin gerade dabei alles nachzulesen. Wow, da ist ganz schön viel los😳


aber hallo - ich komme kaum nach damit - das meiste lernt man via Twitter. Hätte ich nur mehr Zeit aktuell.

Blessings brother, how good to read you again... what do you think of everything that has happened in the last days here in steemit ???


Honestly, it to soon for me to have a opinion about that. My initial thoughts were: wow, this sounds not good. But I need to dive deeper😁

Great 🙂🙂

Looks good


Thanks 😊

Yeh dear lots of Drama happended but the progress of APPICS is so impressive 🤗😍♥


Good to have some great news in the whole steemit dilemma 😁

Long time no see my friend!! Yes indeed much drama going on but Appics is full Steam ahead!


Good to see you again 😊

👍 Finally Back 😉 but we already talked in Telegram , #20MinutesThrowbackMemo 😂 😂 😂 Me and my loooong memos 😂

You looks good ☺😊😊


Thanks 💪🏾😊

We are happy with APPICS ♥♥ 🚀🌛


That's good 👍🏾✅

I don't know what exact drama has been happening since last two weeks but without caring all these all these appics team was taking good steps to make it comfortable for everyone...

Brother where have you been? How, you are never too late this time again. Yes you are completely right we had alot of close hit target by Justin Sun and also the tron foundation ( Steemit story) it a long story Bro but you see more here too

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You are too far from us Bro. Are you still engaging in the football game? Now, you know I am your true football fan ⚽⚽

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Yeah you need to get up to date with all that drama


For sure I have to😅


the drama is real

cool bro