Throwback.⠀ ⠀ The first time in New York was an amazing experience.🏙⠀ ⠀ It's a whole ...

2년 전

... new world; people are totally different compared to Europe.⠀
The next destination will probably be San Fransisco.⠀

Which was your last mind-blowing destination?😳


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Looking good


Thanks 👍🏾

I think Steem needs to do a steemfest in NYC next year 😎


i'm down for that🙌🏼


Sounds great

ohhh yes NYC🗽was one ot the best trips so far. we've been there 3y ago with our son, now as we are 4 we have to show this amazing city to our daughter as well. how ever, we might go first to L.A. to visit some long time friends there. uhhh 2020 will be so exciting🙌🏼 great pic btw👌🏻do you have always a professional fotograph around you?😂👊🏼


Ups, didn't reply correctly. My answer below ☺️

Ich verstehe das total ! NY ist wirklich ganz anders ! Wie lange warst du denn dort ? Nice pic btw !


Eine ganz andere Welt! Einfach spannend. War für 10 Tage da. Danke dir 😊

time to explore whole world soon 😊 excellent shot !


Thank you 😊

I remember very well your trip to New York, that time you did a contest and I was the winner ... so, how to forget it hahaha...
My last trip was to the Los Roques Archipelago, here in Venezuela... I gave that gift Birthday to my husband 5 years ago, it was a wonderful experience that we will never forget. Without a doubt, the Roques Archipelago is a paradise made by God.


Ahhhh, yes, I remember 🙈 crazy how fast time flies.


Oh wow, I really love this shot of you! New York must have been fabulous!


It was amazing 😁

Great Look. Friend.

Can’t wait to go out there


Worth the experience. Will definitely revisit it.

Uh L.A. A destination I need to visit one day too. Thanks ☺️ I have my own digital marketing agency. Taking pictures and making videos is part of that. I told my wife what to do and she did it 😁


that explains it🙌🏼she does a great job.✌🏻have a great start into the week👊🏼

Fresh photo, New York is an amazing, hectic, busy, and boisterously loud city where Hip Hop originated from, it will always hold a nostalgic and special place in my rhythmic boom bap beating heart. I am from San Francisco, so you will definitely love it there once you visit, so many great places to see, like Twin Peaks, and Frisco is a food mecca city offering all kinds of cultural dishes and lots of events and community based projects everywhere to network at. Safe flight over there whenever you book your next travel over

Nice jacket pastor! God bless you bro 😁