I hope all of you had a great weekend?⠀ And for those who celebrate a lovely third ...

2년 전

... advent?🎄⠀

Let’s be productive again in this new week?👨🏾‍💻💪🏾


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Looking good as usual brother, you must be productive this week as well Buddy. Have a blessed weekend


Thanks my friend for your kind words as always 😊 let’s rock it this week💪🏾

Looking good🤗


Thanks 👍🏾😊

Looks like you have become a real ambasador for appics!
So I am curious what you think could make appics a real killer dapp?

I myself like it because it is easy to easy, but still misses some features in the app itself. Like commenting and a transparent overview of the tokens rewards!



Haha, no, I am not an appics ambassador 😁 I like the way how this apps works. Instagram I also like very much. As you said, it’s easier to use compared to writing blog posts, for example. You’re right I am missing some crucial features too, but I think they will be added over time💪🏾


Thanks for the reply!
Time will tell I guess!


Exactly, and the time will not lie😁

Thanks for the good wishes, how is your young daughter doing? Mine is doing good.

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Thanks for asking 😊 she is doing very well 😍

Have a great productive week. Kisses to babies. 😊


To yours as well💪🏾😘

Cooles Bild und Einstellung! Lets rock this week🔥

  ·  2년 전

Epiductive so to speek! Yes, has been a great whole week! Epimetheus would have been happy for sure! !invest_vote

I have a honest question about productivity - I need a tip - What would you say would make one most productive?... I would honestly like to know. I'm having issues with productivity...


A serious and good question. 🤔 I thin in general you can’t answer this question for everyone the same way. As humans, we are all different, and we need different things, environments, tools, etc. to bring ourselves in a mood where we can be really productive. In my opinion, is this the first thing someone needs to find out. What do you need to be productive? For me, is one crucial thing important. I need enough sleep to be productive the other day.


Haha! I didn't expect that sleep would be what works for you. Lol. Really funny. What's more funny is that i wish i could turn off sleeping as long as I can so that I can do what I'd like to do. I really do not get enough sleep. Even when I do, it's not planned or intentional. Thanks for the advise, now I see why you've gat "pastor" on your username😅, I'd find the tools and environment which gets me in the mood. Thanks pastor 💯 💯


Hope you had a great weekend too! Mine was awesome so far, im all done my Christmas shopping and can relax now and watch the Hocky game at 5 pm. And enjoy a Rotisserie BBQ chicken im going to make in my new little oven, Stay tuned my friend and Happy Sunday!!

@anli denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@anli thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

time to finish some work and then enjoy the holidays 😊

Ich habe den Verdacht, du bist dem angebissenen Apfel 🍏 genau so verfallen wie wir..... so muss das bro


Ich bin ein wahrer Apfel fanboy 😁

Love your gadgets by the way... The smart watch and the system...


Apple fanboy 😁