💭 The best ideas and most exciting adventures don’t come from talent, skill or ...

2년 전

... creativity, but first start with the pure sense of curiosity. Curiosity is the fuel for discovery, inquiry and learning. It’s our natural state as children, that if we’re able to maintain as we grow up, will lead us down the most purpose-fueled journey, filled with knowledge and growth, that let’s us discover our potential and live a life beyond our own imagination. Stay open-minded, good-hearted and curious, friends 🙏🏽🖤 | Throwback to the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit


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So true! Never lose your inner child! 🙌🏼😊 great shot 👌🏼



That’s some damn wisdom right there! ❤️



..interesting..guess often it is exactly like you say..somebody genius said: development happens because of being not happy with the situation..if you are happy with everything and you live a perfect life, why should you change anything?..means no development..anyway, wise words, great looking lady on an awesome picture..please no development in this case, haha..


Thanks for sharing and I agree, change is a choice and I believe there is always room for growth and improvement. We tend to strive towards a destination, but since life is movement even after our death, it’s never about a constant state and always about the journey. Growth is a never ending process that can be enjoyed when understood though :)


..thx, you re sooo right..best wishes for you..

Unbelievable photo and nice words to remind us to stay curious. I sometimes call it a bit different. You have got to get out of your comfort zone and learn new thing and meet new people.


I agree with you and the way to do it is to value your curiosity over fear

So True! Fantastic Photo from Malta!!


Thanks Karen ☺️

nice grading, beautiful view 💯☀️


Thank you🙏🏽

I can't tell if it's your look or the background tht makes this pic great Haha! but as always ya... 💯 💯



Hey good to meet you and nice photo to. Just joining the community here and like what I see going on. Hope I can be of help. :-) going to follow your posts and journey as well!


Nice to meet you to, welcome to Appics! 😊

nice girl nice color nice shoot 😁


Thank u! 😊


Wise words and I super Love the picture!


Thanks Mauricio 😊

Stunning photo ❤😊 Love this 👌 soo deep and has so much meaning....


Thank you ☺️

Nice 👌😊

im also recommending Appics to

Wow! Beautiful shots @mrs.steemit 🤗💙

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Some great advice. Looking flawless like always.


Eheh you dont seem the blushing type of person eheh

Curiosity definitely leads somewhere


For sure does 😌

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Great shot😍

That's why I always try to blog, because I want to preserve that kind of original oatmeal, that kind of foundation that begins early on in childhood. It's not about being childish but rather child-like.

Beautiful 💙 love the colors


Thank you 💗