December 2017, right before the start of our ICO, the APPICS Team flew out to the ...

2년 전

... proclaimed "Ethereum Island" Mauritius 🇲🇺 And it was the most beautiful, grounding experience. Even though our meeting with the State Bank of Mauritius didn't go as expected (they had not yet adapted to crypto or were as far in terms of implementing blockchain, as promoted by the media) it definitely was a trip to remember in terms of first success, decisions made and foundation laid. Thinking back, we've come a very long way - but of course the best is yet to come 🌱✨


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So beautiful like paradise ❤️


Truly is 🙏🏽🇲🇺❤️

Definitely there is lot more to come. APPICS all the way to top.


Indeed 🌪

wow so amazing 😍😍😍




You're always welcome 😍

nice video, great music and amazing pictures 🙌🏼 have a great evening✌🏻


Thanks, you too 😊

Can't believe it's been such a long time ago. Time really flies


Yes crazy to think how quickly time has passed, puts things into perspective and great reminder to be fully present

Gosh i remember when you all went here! Only seems like yesterday! How time flies! 🙈

I really love this video! Appics has come so far since 2017 with much more to come, we are just getting started!! Cant wait to see you and the Appics family on the Moon, its going to be EPIC!!


Thanks Karen! Your support is always appreciated ☺️❤️


You Are Very Welcome! Go Go Appics!!

Miss this magical Island!💛 Definitely a time to remember. Can’t wait to be back


Feel u! But I know we‘ll be back 🙏🏽💖


For sure 💗

It feels so magical. What a wonderful way to connect with nature. Great vibes!


Yes you caught the vibe 🍃🌞

Wow. ..stunning 😍❤👌

Great video and nice memories! APPICS team did a great job! Looking forward to new heights!

it must have been a fantastic experience as well as regenerative, the immense plant life and the sea give these islands enormous power

this is dope... i imagine myself in that paradise...