How to activate the Holiday Spirit 🎄✨

2년 전
  1. Listen to the Michael Bublé Christmas playlist
  2. Visit a Christmas market & absorb the lights
  3. Bake Christmas cookies & make hot cocoa
  4. Write a list of things you’re grateful for
  5. Spread love, kindness, smile at others
  6. Wear comfy sweaters & fuzzy socks
  7. Let go of stress & enjoy the moment
  8. Give, without expecting to receive
  9. Spend time with people you love
  10. Go inward & practice self-care


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...1. done!..2.done!.....countdown is running, a little snow could help, about 10 or 12 years we haven’t seen snow here in Berlin..anyway, at the end it will be a great Xmas..hope the best for you too...


True, snow always helps! But I try not to rely on outer circumstances and rather create the mood I want 😊


I would add to play Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas. 😉 Great Pic


On playlist too 😊😎


Of course! Thanks 🙏🏽

Michael Bublé is exceptional. Yeah, that would bring the ambiance to Christmas. Thanks @mrs.steemit


For sure the best Christmas playlist 🙌🏽

I don’t know why I have a hard time getting the Holliday spirit this year.. maybe it’s the lack of snow 😄


Possibly.. but even without the snow, when you visit a Christmas market and listen to the songs you can’t help but get in the mood 😊🎶 🎄

Beautiful picture my love! ✨


I had a great photographer 💞📸

Looking great. But super not on the christmas spirit 😉 but I don't celebrate. So it is fine eheh

  1. Wear high ass heals 😂😂😂

Love this photo, you look awesome and all ready for Christmas!! Im down for all three, love Michael Buble!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!


Thanks Karen! Happy Holidays 💖


Your welcome 😀

Absolutely stunning. .now this is what Christmas looks like 👌💛 Great Christmas playlist..add to that Wham ..last Christmas & Mariah Carey..and a few Boney M...😊 Now I feel the Christmas spirit..Merry Christmas to All 😍🤗💛🎉


Thanks, it was so beautiful with all the lights!


Merry Christmas ❣️

I fully agree, and I also think that many of these things should be done every day 😬


Definitely! I think this season “of love” is just a reminder of how we should view things all the time


I had never thought about it from this point of view,. But I absolutely think that we should see and live, all year, life in a "christmas" way, to make it lighter and happier

You are smart cutty...

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Idk what that is but I’ll take it 😄

Hi @mrs.steemit sorry to message you here but I cant open up the Appics App , Question: I cant get on to Appics from my App. today I tried everything, then I just uninstalled the app and when I just tried to log in it says "servers unavailable" so I cant even log in now. Are you having problems with the App . I am using a Android Google Pixel XL ll Cell phone. Thanks so much for checking into this for me!!👍😁

Happy Holidays @mrs.steemit :)

Wunderschön 😍

Nice pic I love the feeling 😍😍