Checking out the climate emergency strike / protest downtown in Victoria BC. Later ...

2개월 전

... this evening, I'll be attending the NDP town hall at the convention centre to learn a bit more about one of the candidates up for the federal election. Young people have expressed their disappointment with the lack of progress in recent years. Excited to see what solutions may be on offer this evening.


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Great to see so many people out. This is a vital issue and we have to show we care.


Definitely compelling to see so many youth engaged in an issue that affects everyone. For better or worse, many of these individuals will be voting in their first federal election in about three weeks here in Canada.

I have many reservations as to the effectiveness of traditional governance and politics -- but it certainly strikes me as better than an apathetic generation. At some point though, you have to take measures in the current system you're in, as a means of moving towards a social / political structure that you want to have.

Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed-Bruce Springsteen-


Bit of an arbitrary quote, considering I mentioned I was going to a town hall in an effort to learn about what they're proposing.

I'd suggest that blindly quoting artists, in an effort to sound informed / counter-culture, doesn't do you any favors either.


Information is everything shouldn’t walk with the masses..that’s always been a mistake 🧐

It was a great day! So frustrated with the climate change stuff and current powers-that-be... gotta try everything, right? In any case, it was fun to get out of work for the day, march with other people, see some funny/clever protest signs, watch/hear some awesome indigenous performances, and top it all off with a few local brews! Beauty day!