PRETTY NICE MICRO BLOG: Let's Have a Beer to Celebrate, More Money!!!!! Having ...

7개월 전

... a beer relaxing and got the other portion of SSI pack pay. Been looking at properties in Arizona, Colorado. Ill find my future. Its time to move on but at the same time; don't be foolish. History repeats itself. Housing crash in two years. I could really benefit from grabbing something cheap. Physical therapist came today she recommended no more movement. She can't help me with my muscles detached and atrophied. She still wants me to move around don't get me wrong the thing is is that she can't do any more for me than she already has. The next step she says is her recommendation is to go to the Mayo Clinic and have them figure it out... It's really not that hard I feel like I can be a doctor. Lololol. Slowly.... i will get there. By August..... so much will change


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Mmmmmm, im thirsty now! CHEERS!

Good morning, cheers 🍻

Your micro blog could’ve been even more micro: What about using a single word next time, the word that describes it all 🙃


You know I just kinda figured anything less than 300 would could but you do have me wondering what the true standard for 'micro blog' is. Ill get back with ya