A memory that leaves me a bitter taste, tears that are present in my dreams and an ...

22일 전

... emptiness in my chest that makes me scream and want to die in the attempt.

We promised each other eternal love, and although I am not by your side, it seems that my soul made an eternal pact with yours.

I thought that I had forgotten you, I thought that your memories in me had disappeared with the love I had for you, but I closed my eyes on a cold night, dreaming of your memory and our promises, making my life worthless without you.

I wake up in agony, so many years without your presence, so many years without knowing about you, and here I am holding my chest while I write to you, hoping that you are fine and that it has not been a farewell dream.


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Hi @roadstories,

An excellent poem, very well structured and with an emotional charge that reaches the reader.