I got a nice example for you: These days you don't need to buy a flagship mobile ...

7개월 전

... phone for 600 - 1200 bucks. There are a lot of cheap ones like Huawei or Xiaomi. They provide quite the same specifications or a bit less. You'll save a ton of money. 😇😎


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I love my Huawei Honor,the best phone I've ever had!💖

Fully disagree. No other model I could ever find, which could make a true competition to the flagship models from Samsung.

I am using the Huawei p30 pro...been with iphone the last 7 yrs...not going back to them again. Very happy with my huawei. In these hard times...people need to think more than before...save for the harder times coming up

Yeah, save save savings in these times of not sure of the future because of the pandemic.

I love this

Great idea 💡