2008, the great recession - the real estate bubble burst. 📉 The result: desparation, ...

2년 전

... hopelessness, poverty, crisis. 😫
Bank accounts are frozen, people can’t access their money and are looking for an alternative. Gold? 🤔

Gold is one of the most valuable resources on earth, it’s highly limited and being mined by hard manual labour. Every little block of gold is then being washed, treated, molten, and formed into bars that are transported and stored in a vault with many keys. 🗝💰

But there are some disadvantages - not everyone has enough resources or storage for a big vault with gold. It’s hard to transport, to store, and even to validate that it’s pure. 🔍

In this new age of technology, can’t there be any other way to store your value ❓

In 2009, a mysterious whitepaper was published, proposing a revolutionary new way to manage value digitally.
Bitcoin was born - like gold, it is limited, being mined, sent globally, and stored in an online vault with a very complex set of keys. 🔐 They call it the digital gold!
The blockchain is accessible for anyone, yet no government and no bank can control the funds in your wallet.
It’s secured by an extensive global network without any centralized authority. 🏛

Fast forward to 2020 📖 blockchain technology has come a long way!
In the last decade, cryptocurrencies have risen 9,000,000% (9 million percent 😵) with multiple different use cases and applications on different blockchains with communities around the world. 🌎
Lightning-fast transactions within seconds have transformed the way people send money across the globe. 💸

The blockchain economy is still young and not quite mainstream compared to the traditional stock market, but it’s growing exponentially. 🚀
More and more companies and even governments are exploring the benefits of blockchain technology:
China, Russia, Japan, and other countries are already looking at creating their own digital state currency. Big corporations like Samsung, Toyota and Walmart want to implement blockchain into their business and even football clubs like Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona setup their own cryptocurrency as a fan-token. ⛓⚽️

Blockchain will become an even bigger part of our lives in the future, which makes it essential to have basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies and how to trade them, send them, and convert them to FIAT. 💵💴💶

So, APPICS family - fasten your seatbelt, learn, and prepare for the journey ahead! 🎢 🚀
A trading tutorial is coming later today 🤫 stay tuned!


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Great shot and you made some great points. Federal reserve wants to print money to infinity...let’s wake up people. Fiat always fails. Blockchain technology will save us.

Great analytics & thoughts brother ✨🎊🎉

Great shot and thanks for that analysis, we all hope #bitcoin shows its true potential in this crisis..

Yep, couldn’t agree more

Wow amazing shot man 😬👏🏻


Thanks 😌

This looks so beautiful, good shot


Thank you! Appreciate it :)

Let's keep building it up. And by the way guys. Will You come up with news about your decision of staying on steem or moving to the hive?


In the long run we are thinking about creating a button that lets users choose whether their APPICS posts should be reflected on Hive or on Steemit.
But we already have our development roadmap with features planned, and these have priority, so the button will be added later on maybe. We have enough time to evaluate how the situation will develop in the meantime

But apart from that, hope you are doing well and everything is okay for you in these troublesome times


Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately things are not going great on my end. But I'll find solutions. When it comes to staying with STEEM me as a content creator would love to be able to leave and stop using the blockchain. And the only reason I am using it is because You guys are here. Otherwise I probably would have completely left. I think You should ask to the people in here and what they think... and also get together with the HIVE witnesses to know what it the plan and how APPICS can get more involved. That would be amazing ❤

Go ahead APPICS 💪💪 Future is yours 😍✌


The future is ours 🤝💪

Im sure this time is best for know about Appics and Blockchain😍Thank you team , for all what you doing every day🤩Lets go❤️


Yes, I totally agree with you. Let’s spend our time wisely and introduce even more people to the crypto space and it’s technology 🦾

Fasten your seatbelts, we are the Crypto Pendulum! :)


It’s still just the beginning 🚀

APPICS will rokzz 🚀🌛



Yes the Birth of Bitcoin was just the Beginning of this Crypto World💥 we still have a long journey ahead of us 🚀. So we are staying on board 🤩


Long but exciting journey! Much more to come 💪🏾🎢

Beautiful place. Good shot

Great shot. Looks so beautiful

So true and so awesome! Looking forward to your next posting!! Im curious whats going to happen to Appics on Steem- engine with @aggroed powering down all his wallets and removing all Delligations etc. On Steemit as he moves over to HIVE. they may be moving over Steem engine in the future once they get it set up on Hive. Should we be keeping our Apx Tokens Staked there or should we power them down!? Theres so much going on and everything is so new on Hive its hard to figure out what to do. Thanks @sirwinchester !
Edit; IMHO And because of Censorship now on Steemit, I think it would be wise For Appics to use Both Or Just Hive, as Hive is a sister site and always will be.

..hey,, right posted a little picture and t


edited it in on Steemit, it's me made on my Bitmoji App. Lol!

..uups..anyway, may you’re still working or thinking of it, may it’s still not an option, but a function to connect directly a’part 2’-post would be funny and if not a big technical thing,,may it could be interesting..


Agreed! Thanks!✌👍

...agree 100% with you!...even, if I m not even a bit professional like you, but walking through life with eyes wide open and of course always curious and always focused on making life and our and earth‘s health better, I m trusting my intuition connected with my mostly clear mind...anyway, thank you for your always motivating words, looking forward to a great future with appics and the changes...‘crisis as a great chance‘ is the motto of these times!...enjoy..


Thank you for the kind words and support, the changes are the most essential factor for growth and there is much more to come for APPICS ! We also have to see the beauty in the chaos: nature finally has time to breathe and recover. It’s incredible to see how it’s come back alive in Italy after just a few weeks - the water in the canals of Venice is clear, even fishes are there, and dolphins were seen in a port in Sardinia 🐬 Mother Nature is truly incredible!


..yes, indeed!...every medal has two sides, sometimes it’s just enough to turn it around....

Amazing photo!


Thank you 🙏🏾

Hello dear, Im really honoured to join with appics, I hope I can walk with you. Actually not only me but also my friends & family ❤