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Since most of us are at home at the moment, we can use this time to earn some cryptocurrency - not only through social media with APPICS, but even through gaming!

A perfect activity during our #stayhome challenge 🏡
As you might know, APPICS is in the EOS ecosystem so when I was looking at other EOS projects a while ago, I came across the game “Prospectors” ...


Join the 19th century Gold Rush and mine some digital gold that you can exchange for EOS!

This exciting strategy game gives players endless opportunities to earn crypto gold by utilizing blockchain technology.⛓

Experience the thrilling life of a Gold miner, buy some land, build tools, and setup your gold mine. is the first MMORTS on the EOS blockchain. All game activity happens within the project’s smart contract, and all the assets, owned by a player, are secured to him in the blockchain.
Every user can control three characters (workers) who will act on his behalf, working jobs or mining resources.
The players can team up in unions and commercial organizations for communication and more efficient work. The game currency, Prospectors gold (PGL), is the basis for economic relations among players. PGL can be earned, mined, and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Join Prospectors! ⚒👷‍♂️

APPICS already bought a plot of land as well as a goldmine where everyone of you can join us and mine their own gold. 💰

That reminds me of “Minecraft” which I used to play back in the day.

Join the APPICS alliance, buy even more APPICS plots and let’s mine some gold 🌟, craft new tools 🪓and drink some coffee together. ☕️

Remember ☝️

You can exchange your gold into PGL which is listed on Newdex just like the APX token.

That means you can easily earn more APX by joining us and mining some gold in the game 😉

There are many ways to earn APX. 💸 Not only through posting, liking and commenting but also by using other applications that are in the same ecosystem as APPICS.

You can either login with your Wombat or Scatter wallet and you’re good to go! If you haven’t created an EOS account yet, I would recommend using Wombat which is free of charge and let’s you create free EOS accounts. 🦾

With that being said, what are you waiting for?

See you on Prospectors!


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Exciting, would check it out


👌🏾 Don’t forget to join our APPICS land

Thanks for this news! Didn't know about this game, tomorrow i will take a look and i will see you inside of the APPICS Land! 🔝


Sounds great 😉👊🏾

Ok ... I see it now... going to join


See you on Prospectors 😌

PGL group on Steemit

I am sharing guides, please share your pics and experience and guides. Eventually we will have a good community and can earn good STEEM simply posting about PGL on Steemit, and bring PGL earnings to Steemit and Vice versa. Plus we can organize by location, help each other, share, etc.

I read your introduction it was really intresting .foot ball, dancer, programmer , bidding .When i start reading that i expected little more like how you come across appics . I too will start mining . Even i usually have this kind of interest like , when we earn freely , we will tell everyone know to do the same..


Thank you! Yes when I wrote that introduction post I had the idea for APPICS already but it wasn’t an active app yet, that’s why it doesn’t mention it. Thanks for spreading the word about APPICS!

I knew that APPICS was part of the STEEM blockchain, not EOS. Anyway, I made an EOS account in January 2002, but it doesn't work for little money. It looks like a blockchain for the rich. I would also like to play PROSPECTOR, but currently it would cost me too much.


APPICS is dual-chain both on steem Blockchain and EOS Blockchain :)


You can easily create a new, free EOS account using “Wombat” and start right away. 🦾

Great news! 🚀 Super cool game and what to say, I join. Nice to see Appics plot land! 😄👌


Awesome! Make sure to join our APPICS alliance 🤝


Sure bro! Commin' to Appics alliance 😊

Let’s start mining ⛏ 💰 😄


Crypto mining & gold mining combined ⛏

Great. Will get some land and stsrt building.


Awesome! See you there 👊🏾

Oh thanks for the great info


You’re welcome! Yes

Where do I join ? We are planning for gold at home....

So good.🙂🙂

Thanks for this news sir ☺😊

sounds amazing 😍 i will obviously check it out 👍😎


Enjoy! Let’s mine some gold ⛏

Thanks for introducing this amazing game with APPICS community sir 👍👍


You’re welcome! Check it out 😄

Sounds awesome! I have not been on Eos Blockchain yet or own any I might check it out if I can find time, we are so busy getting ready to build the other half of our house and working on the homestead now that the snow is melting thetes just no time for learning new things lol!! Thanks for the info. I will resteem over on Steemit!!


Thanks Karen! Sounds like you are making the most of this time 😁👍 setup an eos account if you have some time. „Wombat“ let’s you create a free Account.


Sounds easy. Need to jump over to EOS to join. See ya there....



You can find the APPICS Plot at 01/13. join our alliance by clicking on the 🤝 Button in the top right corner and search for the alliance „APPICS“! See you on Prospectors 👋🏾

130 dollar is fucked up


I don’t think so. This post is not only based on a picture. There is a lot of effort in the text and when you read it, you find out that he actually bought a land and a gold mine for the APPICS community so we can join and start for free!

I just put some free pickaxes on prospectors for everyone in our alliance! (Normally they cost 4000 gold) this way you guys can get started on jobs with some tools. Happy mining ⛏

It is so good 👌👌👌