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The APPICS community is growing but at the same time we are facing some technical difficulties that are not managed by our own development team, but rather our underlying technology.
But this doesn’t stop us to move forward and fulfill our DESIRE 💫

We are already working on a solution behind the scenes, because we can’t just wait - we are taking action to become independent from problems like this, to focus on what’s best for APPICS and move forward towards mass adoption📱

As you might know, one of my passions is to dance, choreograph, and teach.

So I thought today I’ll share a throwback and post a dance video for you guys again! 🎥💃

🎶 Song: Fire & Desire 🔥 by Drake

👯‍♀️ Dancers: soldier, umaofficial, sirwinchester

🕺🏾 Choreography: sirwinchester

🖥 I also want to thank everyone who has reached out to us to support with development, especially for Android!

➡️ so if there are any other android developers in the community who would like to support our team - contact me on telegram @sirwinchester 💬

We know that especially for Android there have been server issues recently, but these are connected to the steem blockchains instability and not our own development. We are already working on a solution to avoid blockchain problems like this in the future - and I mean in the near future 🤫 which will improve the app performance, speed, and remove any server issues.

We have gone through some ups and downs with APPICS already, and this definitely won’t stop us! 💪

Fire 🔥 stands for heat, passion, tension, and has a destructive power.
But then again, fire 🔥 can also be a shining light in the darkness ✨

➡️ In other news, Uptrennd is holding a contest for the best dApp. Be sure to go to @uptrennd on twitter and nominate APPICS! Let’s show them the power of our APPICS community 💥


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New updates came can absorb it like slide animation


Much more to come 🤫

Great times 🙏🏽is


Indeed 😌

Love this piece! 🙏🏽 You brought some great memories back by sharing this masterpiece. Can’t wait to rock the dance floor again with you guys soon! Also looking forward to collaborate with our community and find some talented developers here 👀🙌🏽


It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces so I had to share it! 😌

Lets fucking goooo brooo !!!!!!!

I'm raring to go as i believe everyone is too, i take my time everyday to explain to people that i introduced to appics why we're having thise errors and to assure them it wont last much longer. I'm really enjoying my time here and i have a lot of expectation for this project, nice video Sir.


Thank you! The APPICS team and I appreciate your support! Just be a little bit more patient, news and updates will follow soon 🙏🏾

I'm now a big fan! You guys have the talent, the heart for all of us, and the right attitudes. Thanks for always being there for us just as we will continue to support appics the best that we can. You three rock!


Thank you so much 🙏🏾 We are also grateful to have such a supportive community!


Honored by your presence sir. We will continue this fire burning inside our hearts for our community to be active. Will let them know you recognized our efforts.

Long live appics!


Always! We are a family and support one another. 🤝

Always I liked your choice of music 🎶


Thanks 😉

Love the movies


I hope Appics will join Hive soon. 🙏


We will implement a cross-posting solution in the future which will allow every user to decide where their appics posts should be reflected - for example on Pinterest, Twitter, Hive and many more.


Thank you much. I am super stoked by this development. Excited and looking forward to the future update.


HIVE to date, seems like the best blockchain out there ... Ethereum is a disaster! I can't do social media or gaming with it

The soul of hip hop Germany ! L.A. Style


😉 Thanks! Great memories 🙌🏾

Cant wait until i only have to vote or post once haha! You guys can do it 💪


You’re doing great on the platform. Nice shots 👍🏾

so amazing dance by you guys 🔥 really like it a lot and good choreography dear 👌👌 APPICS will go to the moon 🚀🌛


Thanks, appreciate it! 🚀🌕

Way to go to our big bosses! Let's all groove to the music and have fun in APPICS!


Exactly! Tune in and have fun. Good vibes only 🎶

I can smell something great coming up soon on my most fav app ever😉😉😉. Go go team Appics...we are strong enough to stand alone n be independent!!! i may be getting so many server errors wholeday...but still trying to get my post out, my support to Appics is just unlimited.


These “server not available” error messages happen due to our underlying technology, the steem blockchain. It is currently slowed down but as I mentioned in my post, we are working on a solution to avoid blockchain problems like this. Stay tuned for the announcement which is coming soon. So please be a little bit more patient 🙏🏾 I know you are and we also appreciate your unlimited support a lot!

Yes, we understand that tge team is working on solving issues 😇 and patience is what is needed! Also, loved the video...


Exactly. Thanks for your understanding 🙏🏾

So amazing dance..🙂


Thanks a lot!

Wow, awesome moves Appics Team, you guys are on! 🔥 Thanks for App update im so glad to hear that its being worked on and a solution will be found soon, I am an Android user and will continue to support no matter what, I Am Addicted, lol! Have a great week you guys and stay safe!

Great show, swing and soul! Good vibes from Brazil!

You people can dance!!

Well you guys were the only app running yesterday.... so that was pretty great.

Wow 😘😘😘

Thanks Man


Damn!!!!! This leaders is so talented! Why I’m so late to see this!?? 🔥🔥🔥🔥 So liiiittt @soldier @sirwinchester @umaofficial 🙌 and also to the choreographer @felixsander 🔥🔥 you all so lit! ❤️❤️

Friend @sirwinchester, I have a request for help: I downloaded the Appics application on my Moto G6 Play and it opens without problems, however, I cannot publish my photos with it nor can I like the photos I see, although I can leave comments. Could you help me? Kind regards from Los Teques, Venezuela.