Music is a universal language that can be understood anywhere in the world


Music is a universal language that can be understood anywhere in the world - and so is dancing. 🎶

This video was after my dance class when I still had some energy left for a spontaneous freestyle!

Sometimes I like to involve objects in my freestyle to challenge myself : in this case, the challenge was not to drop the towel, so the towel became part of my body!

It’s incredible to see all the activity in the app, and our engagement on APPICS is growing daily - now we already have the second most transactions on the whole STEEM ecosystem! 💥

That’s because we have such a high engagement rate and rose from the 50th place in the global ranking for dApps to the 45th place in just one day!

So let’s keep this momentum up and get to know each other, leave comments under other people’s content that you like and become an even closer commUNITY! 🙏🌎


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Oh yeah, go crazy my friend, let your mind be free , through your movement 😊 nice moves!


Thanks 😌🙏🏾

You got good move what is the dance style


Thanks! I dance many style styles such as hip hop, jazz, experimental and many more. When I freestyle, I like to mix those styles and this is what I came up with 😉


Great way to make your own dance


Winchester Style 😉

Brooo. You busting moves.


Thanks! 😃🙏🏾

These are actually my favorite moments from your dance classes. So spontaneous and creative. I just recently found an old file where you did a freestyle and Uma and I had the challenge to follow every step of yours. I can’t wait to get back to the studio and start dancing again 😌


I remember this video 😉 and we will for sure rock the dance floor again as soon as we have some more time 🙌🏾🎶

Wow such a cool dancer ..!


Thanks! Appreciate it!

Wow, thats very energetic and cool moves. I trying to join dance classes too. Hope I too dance atleast half like you :)


I hope you are going to share some cool videos with us! 😉


Sure bro :')

Way to feestyle @sirwinchester , I Love your Energy, send some my way will Ya, lol! Pasion is definitely rewarded here!


The energy is on the way 💫😉



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Damn bro I didn’t know u got down like that! Skills man. That’s the Appics ad right there ( add some of those sexy lady team members and that’s a rap )


Thanks haha - the whole APPICS Team can dance so it might happen in the future 😉

Nice moves, Tony! One can see many hours of practice there.


Thanks 🙏🏾 When it’s your passion, you don’t count the hours. You just enjoy every second

You know we all have been waiting for this. :)


There you have it 😉

🔝Video Sir Winchester... I had fun watching it 😊


Thanks - happy to read that 😌

Fresh flawless, raw coordination with a barred up catchy song bro, keep bringing life and art


Thanks a lot. Appreciate your kind words 🙌🏾

Great news about APPICS, congratulations to all of us! By the way, nice moves. Didn’t know you could dance that well.

Excellent. You are a good artist and leader. The music and your movements are integrated into a great show.

Yeeeah man!!! Your flow is awesome! 😁🤙Dude !!Appics hit 45!! Woot woot. That is freakin awesome! You guys have created something soo amazing. I am excited to be apart of the community!!

That’s good news about the APPICS dapp. I guess we have to get some more influencers for the „old“ world (Instagram, Snapchat and Co) to start using APPICS to spread the word faster. Is there an official release date planned for the iOS App Store ?


I missed this part: Awesome dance skills!!! 👍🏻

You are very good dancer!🕺😀

haha what a boss 🤣

You sure got some moves👏👏👏

Really great dancing! I'm so awful at that 😅

Wow! Love your energy & passion! And what strikes me is that even after having a potentially busy schedule.. you still make time to dance! More power to you! ❤️ 🔥


Great Moves my friend

Lets go !!!!!!!!

Nice moves 💪🏼🔥


Thanks ☺️