📢💥We are excited to announce that our APX token is now tradable on Newdex!

29일 전

We are excited to announce that our APX token is now tradable on the worlds leading decentralized exchange Newdex!

APPICS is based on a dual-blockchain solution with EOS and STEEM.

Newdex is the first decentralized exchange based on EOS, so from now on our dual-blockchain technology is fully activated and both our EOS-based APX tokens and STEEM-based APX tokens are now tradable!

Get ready to trade on Newdex by setting up your EOS account, for example with the desktop wallet scatter.
Big thanks to our korean community (especially @capt.shlee!) for supporting us on Newdex 🙏🇰🇷 APX already gained 1000% and is the "Top Gainer" on Newdex!

Now we have both communities activated, and already jumped from 0 to #12 in the global ranking of over 300 EOS dApps!

Be sure to leave us a review on dappradar.com and stateofthedapps.com 🌟

It's been a rocket start 🚀 so let's spread the movement further!

A big thank you from me and my whole Team, we are so happy to have this amazing community! 🌎
Much Love


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APPICS is a great app, it has a fantastic support group, it has an awesome user group excited. It's taking off.


Thank you! I appreciate your feedback and I’m happy to hear that you like the experience on APPICS 🙌

Great announcement. Was so happy when i saw it today. Dual Blockchain✓✓✓


The dual-blockchain technology is now fully activated 💪 ...and we’re just getting started 😉


I love this start, its the best 🔥 🔥

APPICS is on #12 on the global ranking of EOS dApps ! 🤩🤩

Today's best news🔥.APPICS will top everywhere🚀💥



Great news ! That is what I am talking about !

lets take to off to reach moon🔥🔥


Let’s go! 🌕🌟

This is a great news.. congratulations to the whole team and the community of Appics.. Cheers

Great progress in this month love appics 😍😍


We love our community too! This is just the beginning 💥

Another milestone ticked off! So happy to also know we are No12 in EOS DaPPs list! 🌟


💪 APPICS is coming

will write a review today and make a video about it 🙏

Oh yeah, nobody can stop. Go go go up up up. And il be there, all the way to the top! Great news 😎


🔝 Thanks for believing in APPICS


Yeah about that☝️ I had my doubts to be honest , but I believe now all 100% Im with you guys!


No worries, you’re here now. That’s what counts 💪

Congratulations @sirwinchester!
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It’s massive !! Great job guys !

Total Awesomeness!! GO APPICS GO!!


Thanks, Karen! We can achieve anything with the power of our community 💥


Your so welcome @sirwinchester ! Appics feels like one Big happy family!! We are just getting started and what an awesome Jump Start it has been!! Appics is going to be Legendary!! Upped 💯 and resteemed on Steemit .👍😍❤

..yesss, cool!...the more the better!..but to whom I m saying it...thx, Happy to be a part of it!..


Happy that you’re on board 🤝💪

Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾! Well done 👍! So many great news so fast! Got to keep the pace going!


Definitely 💪and thank you for your support!

Great news 💯

This is great news! Keep them coming :)


Thanks! 🙏🏾

great news

That’s great news man! I always use newdex! 😀

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Awesome 😌

When i enter here i see only great news 🚀


That’s how it’s supposed to be ☺️

congrats 🙌


Thank you 🙏🏾

APX to the moooooooooooooon!!

What an amazing news. Thank you so much for this update. #apx is 🔥🔥🔥


Thanks! We appreciate the support from you guys a lot!!! 🙏


Congratulations APPICS team and early birds 😁🚀


Thank you ☺️

Not much joy from this NEWDEX. 4th day can not withdraw my purchased APX to my acct. So dissapointing...

So happy. Congratulations 🎉❣️🤗

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Thanks! 🙏🏾💥

More wins!!!


💪 We’re just getting started

I’m in the buying Hodling phase!

Really great news!!! I guess you made the right choice by implementing both chains in your app! Congrats 🎊🎉🍾


Thank you 🙏🏾

🙌🏽🚀💥🔥 We’re coming...

So there are two different APX tokens?


Yes, we have an EOS based token and a Steem based token.

WOW!!! Hella ya!!! Nice work Appics team!🎉🎉🎉

Today Top News 💃💃💃


great news. I have a question: Why on EOS and not on other Blockchain which is much faster and cheaper? Like TRON Network.... I am very interested in that point, thanks


who knows maybe there will be a tron ​​pegged token in the future 😉

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That is a very great news and probably one of the best one in this bear market lol

Keep marching forward Appics !!


🚀🔝 APPICS is coming ...