Hey my name is tijani olamide popular know as softboy112 or tijani.... I was i ...

2년 전

... ntroduced to this great platform by Michealcj he has been a friend and also a brother from way back....

I am here to add values to the platform and am hoping i am much welcome to this great union, will be happy if we can stood by each other to bring this platform to a greater hight because without a helping hands there won't be a progress.

Thanks for the awareness boss Micheal together we can make a better pace to this great platform thank you........


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Welcome softboy. Stay strong lets build together


Really appreciate boss


Thanks for the welcome text

Welcome to appics! 🙌🏼🎊


Thanks for accepting me boss


Thanks for accepting me into this great platform

Heyy.. welcome to Appics!


Thanks bruh hoping to work better with you guys

Thanks buddy

Hello @SoftBoy112!! Great that you are new in the Appics community, I've been trying but can't get mine working!! :) But I see you have some time here working in this blockchain and sharing good posts!! I'm starting a project here in steem that maybe is interesting for you, let me introduce myself!

I'm Dr. Knitrias Maryana, I'm trying to develope a project with new Steemians in which creativity, cooperation and education on the blockchain will be keys for the mutual growth. I want to share with you my first post, with the Definition an Roadmap of the Project. Maybe you will find it difficult to understand but don't worry this part is mostly to gather support from other Steemians for this Group. In simple words, the project offers 200 delegated steem power to 10 new accounts to publish and cooperate with fellow members in the growth of their accounts. So is simple: Post, vote and comment, power up, the basis of almost every blockchain blog.

If you like to take a look, here is the link: KNITRIAS PROJECT. Any doubt or comment it will be a pleasure to help. You can find me in @Knitrias or @Leveuf.

Best Wishes for the new journey and Steem On!!

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