~ A Lineman’s View ~ We have been working down on the Snake River at an irrigation ...

10개월 전

... pump station. The owners are totally rebuilding it. They have quite the hole dug and they were setting some pretty massive pipes in two really deep holes that had amazingly clean water just flowing out of them. They had so many gas powered pump running trying to keep the hole from filling with water. We are rerouting the line and installing some transformers that will power their temporary pump. This pump will keep the hole from filling up and save them a good chunk of money of fuel. ~ It was pretty windy today so I put a little music with this one. Again that is the Snake River and at the end of the video, that is Ice Harbor Dam. Hope you enjoyed seeing things from a Lineman’s view.


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Hey, @splatts.

Sounds like quite the deal. It seems like this will be an ongoing project for you guys as they get the permanent pump online. Just what is the total scope of your involvement there and how long will it take to complete?


The stuff we are doing now is actually temporary believe it or not. 2 - 70 foot and 1 - 45 pole plus a bank of transformers that will power a pump that will keep the hole somewhat dry. All those little pumps just can’t do it. It will be like this for a while. By the completion of the project, this will be fed with underground cables and each of the permanent group of pumps will be on its own underground switch. It will be really nice and clean.

That's quite a project @splatts, nice video. Now I am going to research the snake river, I really like geography and maps.
On another subject, how's things for you in Washington with this virus outbreak? My grandkids school in north Jersey was just closed yesterday.
This is just so weird, I hope someone comes up with some serious answers soon.
Stay well, God bless you and yours.


The Snake and Columbia Rivers provide so much for this area of the country. The amount of electricity produced by the dams on these rivers is amazing. ~ This whole virus this is crazy. People are losing their minds. They did shut down schools for a month so I guess the kids have a long spring break this year. Lol. Eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle and wash you butt once in a while and you will be just fine. They don’t mention how many hundreds of thousands of people that have had the virus and got rid of it with mild symptoms. Instead they create all this fear and uncertainty. It’s really sad.


I hear you loud and clear, if you think of the statistics, this virus is way down there compared to other out breaks we have faced in the past . My grand kids schools are closed also. The sweed and I are just beefing up on more rest and extra vitamins, fresh air and exercise.
I just hope the stress doesn't get me, I have a son and daughter who work in hospitals, front line in Radiology, but they are both strong and healthy so I try not to think about it.
Stay well, thanks for your reply.