She is growing up fast and dressing like she is off to the city to meet friends or ...

26일 전

... hopefully, a job interview. The jacket is a hand-me-down from a friend and we were surprised it is close to fitting already as we thought it was going to be massive on her.


Well, not a bad father's day at all with a relaxing time at home and a trip to the grandparent's place for coffee and cake.

It is good to have a little bit of chill time and I think that after I put @smallsteps to bed, we will plonk down in front of the TV and watch an episode or two of Veep, which is filled with a lot of snarky commentary and one liners. What is funny is that my wife used to work in a a support position at the Finnish Parliament and says that a lot of what goes on in the Veep office is familiar, yet of course exaggerated.

It will of course depend on what my wife wants to do as she has to get up at 530 to make sure she can get to work on time, and I have to wake up not too long after that to make sure I can get our daughter off to daycare and make it to my office on time.

Tomorrow I am running an internal workshop session to unbox an internal project that faced some challenges, but ended up well. I will be running a follow-up project and I am hoping to learn some of the issues they had so I can avoid the same. I have a pretty good idea already, but I am hoping that running a postmortem on the project will help align mindset and internal processes so that going forward we have a smoother run, or at least skipover the same hurdles.

As you can see, I am testing out the new @Appics release and so far, so good. I hear they have a token running on it now and hopefully it will be an app that does well. While I know that some people don't like short-form content, the thing with having the token layers on Steem means that more people can be included through diverse content forms. Of course, no one wants to see nonsense posts getting a mass of Steem, but in time this will balance and SMTs will become the earners, not the inflation pool. This will take time to develop and normalise though, so be patient.

Patience is probably one of the greatest keys to success on Steem. Success anywhere really.

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I know the feeling - our little two year old daughter just got her new snow boots and has been walking around like a big girl all morning with them on. Time really flies way too fast

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This time of year is terrible to dress small children, it can take an eternity, although ours is getting pretty good at dressing herself with most of the clothing.

Time flies, make the most of it before there's none left.


It's great that ours has been able to self-dress for quite some time now.


We are at about 80% but button's are still a challenge. Normal clothes are fine however, which saves us time in the mornings, when there is a good mood at least :)

About the part about SMT at the end: While I have hopes for the tokens I have fears that they'll do like what Steem-engines token did with the STEEM. Many people dumped their tokens and drove the price down.

Still, some of the SMT projects look promising, like @eSteemapp's ESTM.

By the way, your little girl looks adorable~

Yep, the dump will happen for most of them in the early phases, but as they start to onboard non-steem people, this will settle and balance. The same has to happen for Steem and the distribution is slowly changing to support stabilisation and as there will hopefully be an increasing incentive to stake Steem, this should improve further.

She is adorable. :)


Hopefully that will happen~

the distribution is slowly changing to support stabilisation and as there will hopefully be an increasing incentive to stake Steem.


So many variables in play, it is difficult to predict precisely what will do what and when.

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I kind of want to say the baby/toddler stage really flies by because they're learning and doing so much in such a relatively short space of time, but in reality I think there's way too much unimportant crap screaming for attention and forcing actually important things to take a back seat that we don't notice and then feel like it's too fast.

I adore her wispy little piggy tails, they're too freaking cute XD

So who do you reckon she's interviewing? :D

Ahh.. she already looks like a lady in that jacket! Just make sure she grows up to be a happy one! :)