Appics has a dual blockchain solution

2년 전

Failing the launch of the Smart Media Contract (SMT) on the Steem blockchain, Appics took matters into their own hands to be able to finally launch their application.

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##What is the solution?##
A unique solution was created: a dual blockchain token that is an EOS-based token pegged to a token on the Steem Blockchain. The new token is APX which is pronounced Appics.

The EOS token is converted to Steem seamlessly for you, you don't need an EOS account. Once you register the steem account you want to use at, you will receive tokens in your steem address and be able to use it to power up in the Appcis app.

##Using the Appics token##
While the Appics app is currently powered by Steem rewards, after the token swap it will begin using, for the first time, the Appics token. Users will earn Appics tokens as well as Steem.

From here the workings are similar to how Steemit works, the more Appics tokens you have the more your voting power and the more you can upvote a post. Power declines every time you use it but is regenerated in periods of non-voting.

When you power down your Appics power to liquid tokens you will be able to trade them on platform to tokens on EOS using the crypto-converter built by Privex.

##Advantages that come with merging with EOS##
Interaction with the EOS platform opens opportunities making it easier to list on decentralized exchanges, trade in existing liquid decentralized exchanges (which enables the ability to buy and sell APPICS tokens directly from the mobile app), enables the ability for APPICS tokens to be used by other applications within the EOS ecosystem and provides long-term strategy as the EOS ecosystem is developing rapidly.

All the best to the Appics team as they continue to build out their dream.

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