Pompei... Every province= huge difference. What do they have common? Beautiful art/ ...

3개월 전

... monuments, nature, cheap wine and gorgeous women... That’s Italy! A samozřejmě pizza a špagety!

iPhone 8 👁 léto 2019 backpacking

#throwback #2019 #italy


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Wow! is that a real human skull?


Yeah that is. You don’t know Pompei? It is very famous place :)

It reminds me on Nepal 🇳🇵 or India 🇮🇳 . There are similar places and you can buy the things there too. denture teeth 🦷 etc.


You can buy it? 😕

Woah! I have been to the Catacombs in Paris.. and it was a tunnel underground full of bones & skulls! Something very similar..


Yeah there is more places on the world where it is similar :)