I pray for you and your family members that no one would make a home in the hospital ...


... - Amen.

I've not visited the hospital for years until I had a distress call from a friend last night. I had to escort her to the Health Center this morning and it's a terrible place to be.

Really, we all must get to take care of ourselves and prevent the preventables lest it takes us to the hospital bed.

I naturally detest the smell of a hospital environment. Seeing people here in messy situation worsens the issue.

It's no very serious case u came for but I think I'm getting a glimpse of the emotional jerk and environment distortion that those who a bedridden are going through.

Much more, is when I think of those quarantined for reasons of epidemic outbreak. My heart goes out to them.

Dear Lord, I pray you heal the world - Amen.


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That is but the Irony of life. You see people that have food on their table, cloths on their body and a roof under their head who are still complaining that they have not got all the money that they needed.

Meanwhile others in the hospital are just praying for life to live their dreams. What a aworld that we are in!!!

Lord, I'm grateful for life and for all that you've done for me.