*bee creative* in the midst of all the social distancing i couldn't stop myself ...

3개월 전

... from going out in nature to film the pollinators. at my studio i connected my turntables with time code (serato) to a sequencer and used an old instrumental i composed back in 2003 to create an appics advertisement for my instagram account. i sinned on the 'stay at home' challenge but maintained the social distance. did the music composition using midi modules, recorded my voice, edited my voice, did the skratching and the video editing. all because i love appics. as i am very passionate about saving bees as well, i wanted to encourage everyone to check out beemushroomed.com as we can all contribute with blockchain to saving bee hives around our beautiful blue planet. thank you for watching -@yangyanje (100% original content) 35mm lens and a +10 macro filter.


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Thanks for your effort for this video & thanks for sharing! 🙌

Great job! 🎶

Wow 🤩✨👌🏿