One of Apple's first computers goes to auction

2년 전


The starting price is $ 300,000!

Apple is a company that boasts a lot of admirers and even extremists when it comes to collecting items. That's why we are sure that the next item could win the attention of a lot of admirers of the brand. Fully-functioning Apple-1 is about to find its new owner, and more importantly, there are about 60 in the world. Comrades Steve Wozniak and Jobs themselves make about 200 people between 76 and 88. 175 of them are sold, and today only 60 have survived. The model in question is currently special because after the restoration, it has managed to start and work since June this year. Upon purchase, the next owner will receive the instruction manual as well as the original bottom, the Apple Caseete Interface (ACI), the keyboard and absolutely everything you need to work. More importantly, this machine has not been improved by somebody in the 1970s, on the contrary, it remains original to its last chark. Starting bets will start on September 13 this year and will end by September 25, when the real auction will take place. The starting amount for this beautiful woman will be about $ 300,000, at least according to the current owner, everything over it is welcome.

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