India planning ban on iPhone

2년 전

There have been news around for some time that Indian Telecom regulator is preparing for a ban on Apple’s devices as Apple denied access to DND app 2.0 prescribed by TRAI for all smartphone platforms in India.
The telecom regulators want to have consumers an option to filter and block all marketing as well as promotional calling made to them.
However, app has been reported to require access to information of the device to predict calls or messages and help Regulator to collect data on who is sending them and for what purpose. While Google complied with TRAI’s directive by allowing the app on the Google PlayStore, rival Apple hasn’t allowed it on the App Store, citing the app’s requirement for access. Now it is going to be tussle vetween the biggest telecom instrument manufacturer in the world and one of the regulators of India. Will the Indian government get Apple to sign is a big question now

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@maochitse your news was perfect, apple did not give info but google did and all androud phones saw a uidai number added to address book without their consent. There was big outrage in android users yesterday. India is becoming volatile country when it comes to technology deployment


@asmi140 do you know google was forced to oppologise the users of India.
Cant believe company like google does such mistakes


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