Samsung owes Apple $539M for infringing iPhone patents, jury finds

3년 전

The jury goes halfway between what Samsung and Apple want. Samsung isn't happy one bit.
Samsung must pay Apple $539 million for infringing five patents with Android phones it sold in 2010 and 2011, a jury decided Thursday in a legal fight that dates back seven years.

The unanimous decision, in the US District Court in San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley, is just about halfway between what the two largest mobile phone makers had sought in a high-profile case that reaches back to 2011.

The bulk of the damages payment, $533,316,606, was for infringing three Apple design patents. The remaining $5,325,050 was for infringing two utility patents. Samsung already had been found to infringe the patents, but this trial determined some of the damages.

The figure is a step back for Samsung, which had fought earlier damages findings. This trial had reconsidered $399 million of Samsung's earlier payments, so $539 million is a significantly larger sum.


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