I hate Apple - Deal with it.

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My last long-term relationship ended pretty badly. Really badly. Actually, it was hell. When you've been with somebody for four years, a break-up isn't dissimilar to a divorce.

Despite everything, the relic from that breakup that still nags at me is that I let her keep the projection system that I built in our apartment and I kept the iPad.

I hate Apple products. The only reason why I bought the iPad was because she was into Apple products. Every experience that I've had with Apple is that they're over priced and underperforming devices that are only purchased out of vanity.

I mean, I once went to an Apple Store with my ex and another friend who both had malfunctioning iPhones. They needed to track down receipts from years ago and contact a regional manager to have their phones looked at. While we were waiting, the store manager made fun of me for having an Android, which was the only functioning phone of the bunch at several hundred dollars cheaper.

This iPad was my ex-girlfriend's final "fuck you." A $450 piece of junk that I paid for that can't keep up with my typing pace and I only pick up once every couple of weeks because I'm still reading Infinite Jest on the Kindle.

I love the movie that Danny Boyle made about Steve Jobs and I respect his legacy; but, holy mother of Zeus, I hate Apple products. It's all just a cult.

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