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HubrisOne – Application for crypto systems and traditional banking systems


HubrisOne is a mobile application that will completely revolutionize the dynamics between cryptocurrency and the banking sector.

It is a decentralized saving app that allowed users to save crypto, send crypto, spend fiat to buy crypto. HUBRISONE App will make it simple to send resources across over to relatives effectively and without constraining obstruction concerning utilizing HUBRISONE APP.

HubrisOne token is going to be called HBRS, which is will be used in this new HubrisOne App and their ecosystem. HubrisOne token will serve a way to transfer funds from your account to another one, all platform access, big discount, form of payments and just a store of value.

Two in One — this Eco-System gives the best of both worlds. Fiat Bank and crypto at the same time. This new HurbisOne app is available on Apple and Android devices. This platform will be user friendly and very safe to use.

The major benefit for using hubrisone app is that it offered a token back system where users can get 5% of amount swap back instantly with hbrs token
Another cool benefit is token burnt quarterly to increased the value based on the number of new users that downloaded the app.
These are few of highlights of this great feature:
👉🏻 3 to 5 seconds for the funds to be sent.
👉🏻 Low transaction fee.
👉🏻Builtin Cryptocurrency exchange

First to install Hubrisone application on the phone you need to go to the appstore for IOS and Google Play operating systems for Android operating system. Then you need to search for “hubrisone”, the system will return you the search results, click on the Hubrisone app icon to proceed to install this application. Click “install” and the system will automatically proceed to download the application and install the latest version of Hubrisone 2.0 for your phone. Or you can visit to install this application according to the installation link below:



For the first time you register click "create my new wallet" -> next you will enter your email account (if you do not have an email account then you need to register an email account at, I usually use gmail because it's easy for my work) -> next step, you go to your email and check the mailbox to confirm Hubrisone's email sent to you - > Next step, You will enter the phone number you are using to receive the confirmation code → after confirming the email and phone number , go back to Hubrisone application to create a username and password (6-digit password) -> read the application’s top-down terms and click “accept” — -> the system will give you 12 secret keywords (these 12 secret keywords are very important, it helps you recover your wallet), you need to save 12 secret keywords in a safe place (Note that these 12 keywords cannot be put in anyone else’s hand), the system will ask you to re-enter 12 secret keywords -> if you enter it correctly, you have successfully registered the account , congratulations.!!!

You can verify your account at level 2. Why do I say you should verify your account at level 2? Because Hubrisone’s policy is very good, you will be rewarded with 1000 HBRS token to your account if you successfully verify it. In the following article, I will show you how to verify level 2 accounts and bonus policies when you introduce Hubrisone application for new users.

Why choose Hubrisone? Because your all-in-one Cryptocurrency current Account

  • Non-custodial Wallets
  • Multiple fiat deposit and withdraw option
  • Track news and market prices
  • Integrated smart analytics
  • Instantly exchange 100’s Coins and Tokens
  • Earn HBRS token rewards and rebates

With Hubrisone app you can track the entire crypto market

  • Track market prices
  • Learn about each cryptocurrency in detail
  • User friendly layout
  • 100% Accurate and Secure



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Ethereum address: 0xdef12d7faba800265b4cb0346e34b291555145d6

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