How to get bandwidth for the new application (Attention all the app developers!)

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Dear members of the CyberWay community!

As you may know, CyberWay was designed as a platform for creating applications. Inheriting basic EOS parts and logic, we intended and did build our protocol using the more decentralized approach, as a result, making it more accessible towards applications.

We do welcome all the different application types as EOS does, especially the ones that are beneficial to humankind. We have something unique to offer to app developers (except for dev-friendly infrastructure and ready-to-copy smart contracts), namely, we offer an easy-to-launch solution.

The app developers can apply for Cyber tokens (CyberWay has a special Application Fund from where the tokens could be first leased to applications on the agreement of validators and then granted (if the application hits its own goals within one year in terms of MAU)). We, CyberWay team, are encouraging the app developers to have 100 000 MAU during the year.

Moreover, the tokens of any CyberWay application can be registered within the CyberWay system register on the preliminary agreement of CyberWay validators.

Claiming for the application funding

On behalf of CyberWay dev team we suggest our validators to reward token bidders in the following fashion: the application that applies for Cyber tokens first could ask and get up to 10% of Cyber tokens of the Application Fund, the second bidder - up to 9%, the third - respectively, up to 8%, the fourth - up to 7%, the fifth - up to 6%, the sixth - up to 5%, the seventh - up to 4%, the eighth - up to 3%, the ninth - up to 2%, others - 1% (unless there are tokens in the fund).

The application process for the mentioned benefits is the following:

  1. Submit a post with the application description (can be concise) on dAPP running on the CyberWay platform (EN, EN/RU). Specify your goals, KPIs and benefits for CyberWay. State your funding needs and mention MAU you gonna reach within a year after launch. Read more about the CyberWay bandwidth principles below.
  2. Place a link to your post on CyberWay platform forum (Attention to all CyberWay validators: please share your emails with @annaeq via Telegram to get quick forum access)
  3. Share the news via Telegram chats in order to win the validator’s attention (Please note: this step is necessary to make sure all the validators are acquainted with your submission).
  4. Participate actively in forum / Telegram discussion on your proposal, get positive feedback (at least ⅔+1 CyberWay validators (from active top) have to support you).

In case ⅔+1 validators support the leasing of funds a public voting proposal on the blockchain will be initiated by@goloscore validator.

@Goloscore as one of the members of the Validator community will create a proposal that will appear on the CyberWay explorer portal. Eventually, each validator has to approve or disapprove the application using his/her private key. ⅔+1 from the top ones is the rate of validator consensus needed to approve your initiative.

Please note: In case of acceptance, it will take 2 weeks to incorporate the changes into the system.

Applying for token registration

The app developers may also apply for tokens registration. We’ve elaborated two different options (please note that none of the alternatives is a default and to be determined by the owner of the application):

  1. Registering a new token within the cyber.token system register. Providing easier integration with the system, this option brings credibility and trustworthiness to both token and its issuer application. Running on the system contract, any suspicious scenarios are excluded.
  2. Registering a new token courtesy it’s own token contract. This option implies an autonomous registration as the owner of the application takes over 100% control over his token thus reducing the credibility of his token and application as a whole. Some difficulties may be faced while listing the token later at the exchange trades.

The registration type depends on the motto of the applications and the goals pursued.

The application process for registering app token as system token is the same as with asking for the bandwidth (see steps above).
In order to speed up the process, the application owner may specify both the funding and preferable token registering scenario for his project in one post.

@cyberwaydev team will soon publish a how-to manual concerning the validator’s actions connected to proposal creation and voting for it.

Don't hesitate to join our community via:


CyberWay - (for general questions and inquiries)
CyberWay Validators - (for questions and inquiries concerning validators of CyberWay platform)
CyberWay Dev - (for instant technical feedback from our Dev team)


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