Appreciation Friday, January 17th, 2020


Continuing the tradition of appreciating what my friends on #steem platform are up to with another



Cover photo by @crazy-andy, taken from his post

The goal is simple

To appreciate the posts of your friends and penpals here on Steem

The way is even simpler.

  • Comment under their posts,
  • Upvote their posts,
  • Resteem their posts,
  • Show them that you appreciate their work, effort, attitude, feelings, ...
  • (added this Friday) share their posts on Twitter.

As a bonus, you can share the links to their posts in your #appreciationfriday post. Like this.

  1. 28 km travel running by @marenontherun (Tweet)
  2. I need 5450 STEEM. Will Splinterlands Achieve My Goal? by @weddinggift (Tweet)
  3. The First NFTs have been created!!! by @aggroed (Tweet)
  4. Date un paseo por Canaima y conoce el Salto El sapo by @neoado (Tweet)
  5. Let's fix SBD without breaking the Trending page by @stoodkev (Tweet)
  6. This photo was created during cycling ro Mangart mountain pass from Kranjska Gora. ... by @crazy-andy (Tweet)
  7. Escape + Fail Strava-Exhaust Sync. by @toofasteddie (Tweet)
  8. Dpoll 26: Are the most active Steemians all ill? by @wakeupkitty (Tweet)

Dear friends, thank you very much for being here.

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend to come

#appreciationfriday recent history

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