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Un paseo por Praia dos Carneiros, Pernambuco - Brasil

By: @sofathana


Conociendo el estado de Pernambuco en mi viaje por Brasil, y estando en Porto de Galinhas, fui a parar a una hermosa playa cerca de ahí: Praia dos Carneiros.


Philly Cheese Steak Bread Bowls ~ #fff

By: @intothewild


If you happened to swing by yesterday, you saw me make some home made bread bowls, with the help of my little ones.


Beef Carnival and Jamaican Stewed beef recipe

By: @missaj


How goes it where you are ? This week I want to draw you into a meaty restaurant ring for some beef goodness.


Pimped Texas stew becomes a work of art #fff

By: @depot69


today is Food Fight Friday again and this time I dedicated myself to art. I will report about the art of cooking a good and cheap stew right after the show.


Making Enchiladas - January 16, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

By: @goldenoakfarm


You may remember these from my post when my helper friend made me chili powder last week.


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Oh! yummi yummi ... eat eat.
Appreciator also selects excellent food publications.

Your selection spectrum is quite wide. Congratulations and thank you very much for recognizing and valuing talent in steemit.


Thank you so much.

Dear @appreciator,
I now read your DAILY QUALITY CONTENT REWARDS every day, because most of the time it's exactly my taste, even if the content is not about food. I would like to thank you especially for choosing a contribution from me again this time, this is a great recognition for me and makes me very happy.
Thank you very much and good luck with your really good selection of contributions.


You are much welcome.

Greetings @appreciator!
I remembered you, I can't miss your quality post selection!
I have supported all the authors and I see that this delivery is full of delicious food!

Always with something new to show,
Greetings see you soon!

Greetings @bluemist, too... :)

Hello @appreciator
Thank you for the last upvote.
Here's my last long post, maybe you'll like it too.
Have a nice day
Greeting from @bitandi