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Hey guys, I'm still here ;) but I had a hard-core month...
We are working like crazy. 4 days in a row - 12 hours, and then you're 1 day free and we go again - 4 days. It's hard and I'm really tired after coming home...I don't have time for my dog, never the last for writing 🤦‍♀️. I'm home now. 2 days, so today I seat down and started to write, because I'm so mad or maybe sad? I don't even know how I feel right now. People are going crazy this days...but it looks like slowly is calming down..shops are starting to open again, but you still need to wear a mask. I understand, but this mask have no sin. You're coming out of shop and you start to grab your face with your glows...So...why do you need them then?
Ok enough. I want to tell you something else. I'm sure you heard about this virus a lot, because media are always talking and lying and I've really don't have time to read this shit.
Some time ago, I saw a post that one lady wrote. She wrote that healthcare workers have no right to complain and to say how difficult it is to work in this profession right now. It is true that we chose the profession ourselves and we like to help, but none of us expected this what is now. So ordinary people who are currently sitting at home, watching TV or being behind the computer have every right to complain, but we are not allowed to comment and sometimes complain about the current situation?

I read that they want to ease rules about quarantine for medical staff. So we have to work even though we have been in contact with the infected. They say we are heroes but they still treat us that way. We are not another human species, we do not have supernatural powers. Many of us can be infected too, but how should I know if I'm infected? I still can work because this virus is alredy in your body, but you don't know that until after 8 days and then it breaks out and you get sick. So, how do I step 2 meters away when I wash someone? That's impossible. We have a nice profession, but in the moment is hard to work and then you come home and you see idiots writing posts like this. It breaks my heart. Many times I go home happy because I was able to help someone, or to be with them in those critical moment. They are scared, because they're old and they realized if they get infected is this their end. They are crying all the time, because they want to see their family one last time. It is also difficult for relatives because they fear that their parents will die and they cannot visit them.

This is their last stop. It's hard to watch when you see that the residents want to get out of the rooms but they're not allowed. Each resident must stay in their room. Whenever I come into the room I see them crying or praying and asking us to let them out. But of course, they can't leave the rooms or socialize with other residents. And worst of all? In their eyes it is our fault that they can't leave the rooms and they don't understand that these rules came from above. We didn't define them. In our opinion, it is not logical that they should be in the rooms, because we are in contact with them and go to everyone, so this means that one way or another the virus can be transmitted from one to the other.

Of course, the number of employees also decreased, as many of them are on sick leave or on leave due to children. We were barely able to do it before, and the situation was better. We are not machines. We work with all our power, but there comes a day when you just don't have the strength anymore because we are tired.

The problem is also that we lack protective masks and hand disinfectants.
Each worker is given one mask per day and you need to work with this mask 12 hours.
When you breathe and talk, they get wet. This is unhygienic for both sites. You are showering people in this mask and you need to understand that it is almost 40 degrees in the bathroom. The masks are wet immediately, but I still have to take care of more people in this mask. Where is the logic here?

It really hurt me, when our boss stated that it will be our fault if the virus come into the house. We will be responsible if anyone dies from the virus. I didn't even know how to respond or think about it. I almost cried. How can you say that? We are working like crazy every day to help them and protect them and you said it will be our fault?!
Almost every day we need to send one of the residents to the hospital because they have fallen and need to be examined for internal bleeding. This has happened 4 times this week. Of course, they will be brought back in an hour, without being tested, because in their opinion it is not worth it.

I read a study that our gross salary is 15 to 20 percent lower than the salary in professions not so relevant to the operation of the system. You know exactly about which profession I'm talking. Pay them, I don't mind, but please a lot of people, not only in medical profession, are risking there life now, and they are working for minimum pay.
What would happen if everyone in this profession quit now?
But no one will do it, because we have a heart and we want to help them and make sure no one is getting sick.

So don't clap or sing on the balconies for us. True, this is a nice gesture, but we need help, not applause.




Guys, what is your opinion about this?

"Be strong now, because things will get better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever." - Unknown

Thanks guys for reading and till next time ❤

With love, @tinabrezpike

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I heard that medical staff will get up to 200% salary, but up until now that was not possible because no financial measures were accepted. Yet. I think it will be at the end of this week. Don't know about AU though...


I know. We will get a one-time salary bonus. 500€. Great, nice gesture, but money doesn't help right now. We need workers, protective masks that helps -at least a little bit, gloves, disinfection and so much more...

Oh Tina! Bless you for all you are doing. Your boss should say less and think more and help you help more. I wish you the very best - you are the very best of what being human is about.