New home, new life? (Part 2)

4개월 전

When your moving, you're expecting to stay in this apartment, in this town a long time. Longer then two or three days.

We were so happy to finnaly have a bigger apartment, with our own little garden and the most important part - with a bathtub. 😊

We came in the morning, because we thought she already prepared and repaired everything. But no, everything was the same. Broken front door without possibility to lock them, the windows were not replaced either and it was sooo cold inside. She assured us that it was cold only in the morning and that the heater is going to turn on in the afternoon. Yeah, that didn't happened. We had 14°C in our apartment, and outside was -4°C. We were not ready for this, because in our old apartment was always so warm, and it didn't matter how much heating we used because everything was included in the rent. However, In this apartment, it was necessary to pay attention to how much heating did you used, because it was a payment based on consumption. Mistake. Big mistake for us. I know, it's not nice to complain about this kind of thing because a lot of people live in the cold, but we worked really hard to get to the point where we could finally get a bigger and more comfortable apartment.
It was Wednesday, so we immediately called a real estate agent if she could fix it, but she didn't pick up the phone, so we asked the neighbors if they knew anyone that we could call to fix this . We got the number and of course we called immediately, and they told us that they could maybe come next week. Next week?!
So we decided to wait till the morning and then we are going to call her one more time to fix this.

So, what are we going to do now? First thing first - time for lunch. But guess what? the stove only worked in half. The first two hobs didn't work. Any more surprises maybe?

Since I really dreamed of this bath tub and that I would finally be able to lie down in the water and enjoy myself, so, despite the cold apartment, I got into the bathroom and got ready for an hour of enjoyment. After 15 minutes of waiting for the hot water, all became a little bit strange. Where is the hot water ?! One more thing...No hot water 🤦‍♀️

So far I have been calm because these things can be repaired but all that they promised to us has not been repaired plus some more broken things.
We couldn't sleep in the bedroom because it was too cold, so we settled in the living room and tried to sleep the night away. Of course, I woke up several times because it was really cold and the temperature dropped lower at night. Our dog also came to sleep between us because she was cold too. It was a miserable night.

The very first thing that we did in the morning, was to call our broker. She didn't pick up!
And now I was mad.

We packed the essentials and went to the old apartment until they fixed it. O my hot water, warm apartment ❤

In that moment we really didn't know what to do. I was so disappointed with the apartment and everything that was happening that I didn't want to go back. I got resistance to this apartment.
And then our broker called. She said it wasn't going so fast and it would take some time. The woman had 2 months to fix everything, that's why we decided to move at all.
This was just to much. We paid a lot of money to her, and she didn't do anything. She took the money, that's all she did.

We sat down and started talking. All day, all night. And then decision came.

Why do we need to live in a new and bigger apartment? Is that some point in our life that you need to achive and then you're adult? Au bu hu, live a life no matter where, no matter what!

In the morning we called our previous owner and asked him if we could still stay and if we could extend the contract for another three years. He was really happy that we decided to stay so he didn't complicate at all and he extended the contract.
We called broker , told her what we decided, and asked for the money back. Of course, the lady started to complicate the situation and that we had already signed the contract, but the contract enter into force with the first of February, so we knew that it could be terminated. I also called a friend who is a lawyer and she assured us that we can end the contract if she was still not valid.
Since it was not possible to arrange it over the phone, we wrote a letter of cancellation describing all the errors and sending it directly to the owner of these apartments.
The lady was very surprised, so she called us and apologized, she also offered us that we didn't have to pay rent for one month and that they will be reducing our rent. That was another factor why we didn't want to stay here. Two months ago we were told that many people were waiting for this apartment and that we were lucky to get it. So why is she trying so hard to keep us around now? Given there are so many tenants, right?
Then she sent us a mail saying that this doesn't work like this, because the contract has already been signed. And then I decided to play a little game. I've send her a mail where I gave her contact of my lawyer, and wrote please contact her ( I don't have lawyer, I just know some of them). 😊 And then then next mail came. The contract is terminated, you can move out, the money will be returned to your account within one week.
For a long time I was not as happy as at the moment. I was looking forward to the new apartment, but after all that, I just started appreciating our old apartment. Comfortable, beautiful, warm and with a great view. I think the dog was also looking forward to returning because she immediately settled into her old space and fell asleep. 😊


So, we're back. We moved twice in one month, so I think we're done with moving and looking for a new apartment for a while now.
We have to appreciate what we have and it was really one moment in life when we realized that is enough for us. We have everything. Everything we need in the moment and that is important. Love will keep us together ❤

“Change is a great and horrible thing, and people love it or hate it at the same time. Without change, however, you just don’t move.” –Marc Jacobs

Thanks guys for reading and till next time ❤

With love, @tinabrezpike

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