Does this life deserve...??

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A while ago... A friend of the family entered the hospital, and I decided to visit him one day, and after I was ready to go, I got busy with some things, and I postponed the visit to tomorrow.
When tomorrow came and I was ready to go to him. I knew he was dead.
I was so sad, of course, and my sadness created some questions I ask myself, and ask you, too:
• Is this life worth being late for who we love?
• Is this life worth fighting?
• Is this life worth hurting and pain for others?
Of course she doesn't deserve this.Quotefancy-1762063-3840x2160.jpg
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This life for us is just a journey that lasts for many years and ends to go to our other permanent lives.Why should we make this short trip full of troubles, bickering, and parting?
As I told you, this is a journey, no matter how long it is,Just make it to get closer to others,help them and forgive their mistakes,Just live for love, and forgiveness.
Do it now and don't be late you don't know if life will allow you to do this with who you love or not.
• Go to your family, and make them happy.
• Go to your friends, neighbors and all who love and help them ,talk to them a lot and spend a lot of good times with them
• Go to the one who fought with him and apologize to him and don’t leave him except when he is happy and make sure that things are good between you and him
• Meet anyone you encounter on the street or at work or anywhere by smiling and welcoming and help anyone you find he needs help even if you don't know him.
• Meet everyone on the street or at work or anywhere by smiling on your face and welcoming and helping whoever you find he needs help even if you don't know him.
• Make people talk about you well, even if you leave their world, they say we lost a good person.
Do it now and don't be late.
Believe me this life is not worth spending in litigation and fighting and far

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