know how to choose your home decor colors.

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Color occupies a great importance among different design elements, it has the power to make it more beautiful or to spoil everything!. Because colors have a profound effect on the souls and places, there are colors that make you happy and others with different emotions and so on colors can increase, narrow, and choke places, and the bad choice of color can make the place random and ugly!...
So color is the most important reason for the design or failure! This is why it is always advisable to choose the colors, to take care of the desired effect from each color and whether it suits the room and the needs of the family or not.
Contrary to what you might imagine, choosing colors in your home decor is not a random issue that can be underestimated, but it has certain origins and principles that need to be emphasized at every step. You might think the choice is easy when you think of certain colors you like, but it's not that simple.
In this article I will tell you about the meaning of each color and then the way color is aligned with each other to make the result a home of the finest and nicest homes and the simple one too
First, we start with cold or quiet colors.

1. Cold colors: It is called cold colors because it is the colors of the sky and the water and it is cold

Blue: From the beautiful colors that make you feel comfortable and calm and quiet it is the color of the clear sky and the sea and it is advisable to use the color of the sky in the spacious rooms for relaxation and meditation such as bedrooms and classrooms and when used in the kitchen it relieves appetite

Green: Relaxes the eye and soul, is used in narrow spaces, because it gives it a greater visual dimension, and evokes nature. The use of the light color is favored in the painting of kitchen walls or cabinets, or within the "accessories".

2. hot colors: They are called hot colors because they tend to light and fire colors and heat sources:

Red: Of colors that express the power and warmth increases the blood pressure and the speed of the heartbeat, thus increasing the sense of affection and passion, so it is advisable to use it in the bedroom and salon accessories and in the dining room. The room is given a smaller size if it is used to paint the walls, and the furniture that bears the color is cut off. Therefore, the use of red in decor is recommended in spacious rooms, entrances, lounges and kitchens as it opens up appetite. However, the color mentioned should not be concentrated in the room, as excessive placement in interior decoration gives a sense of inverse, such as distress and anxiety. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid painting all the walls of the room with it, but to use it on a specific wall, with pieces of furniture and "accessories" scattered red-colored in the corners.

Orange: Symbolizes warmth, satisfaction and operation that concludes the tension, combines the physical energy of the red, the intellectual energy from the yellow, and it fits the walls of the spacious living room

Yellow: Strengthens feelings of self-esteem so it's better to care for it in the decor of the house, it gives a sense of humor, a sense of joy and optimism, and it inspires more light than other colors. But its effect varies depending on the gradients you choose. The bright yellow in the ceiling has the effect of the radiant sun in the heart of the house. But it can also be used in accessories to take advantage of its positive impact on your psychology, knowing that it needs white lighting. But it's worth not to paint the walls with it.

3-colors between hot and cold:

Violet: Is a mixture of red and blue and is a royal color that is historically distinguished, painting the room with it gives the individual a sense of being in a royal suite, and amazes the visitor when he receives it at home. And it has a positive effect. It gives a sense of relaxation and tranquility in the place, it is a color that is self-loving and it is a charming color in the decor of its various degrees. Painting the wall in this color draws attention. It is a distinctive color and is consistent with the white color and gives the place a pinnacle in beauty and creativity.

Grey: A white mixture with black describes the designers of modern grey decor, in the classic quiet, cold, derived from the Greek era. It is used as a fine background for other colors, and it fits all the colors at its temperature. It suits all rooms, especially office rooms. It integrates with different colors, especially basic neutral colors, such as black, white and brown. As his beauty emerges, with silver and beige and ivory.

Black and white: two neutral colors, with a high capacity to absorb and adapt to all other colors smoothly. White is suitable for painting the walls of bedrooms or toys, as bathrooms and kitchens. The black is called the "Master of Colors" and is in classical and aristocratic fashion, and is increased by the use of the "accessories" gold and silver. Decor experts are advised to use both colors in the sitting rooms, and there is no problem with painting one of the walls in black with some other touches added through the various colored wallpaper and "accessories".

Brown: It is an unfixed and simple color and is used extensively in natural wooden furniture, and it may be used with a glaring color such as turquoise or red. Brown color gives the modesty and familiarity of the house.

After you've learned the meaning of colors, I'll tell you a simple rule to choose the colors that match each other, which is the color wheel as in the picture, each color is aligned with the corresponding color in the wheel and its grades

Image source and more information

all Image source and more information
Blue-Green-Red-Orange-Yellow-Violet-Grey-Black and white-Brown

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