BioShock Infinite Fan Art: Elizabeth

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“Booker…are you afraid of God?
-No. But I’m afraid of you.”
-Elizabeth and Booker (BioShock Infinite) 

For a lot of people that’s a pretty heavy statement to make, but hey, if you know BioShock Infinite, its world-building is based around a pretty hefty topic too. And the only thing that might be as heavy as that? Vertex painting this 3d sculpture that I make with a shit ton of polygons. 

This is my contest entry for @archdruid’s yet another fun gaming contest that I almost missed and can only submit 1 entry for (which is a shame, by the way); Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The PRESENT. I’m so excited to bring you my jibber-jabber about my favourite game of all time, BioShock Infinite, but at the same time, I wasn’t sure what was I supposed to post. A review? A fan-fiction? A bunch of pretty screenshots I took in the game and bravely tag the post with “photography”? Or perhaps another 20 haiku like last time? All of that sounds like some great ideas, but my inability to work fast says NEIN! 

So I decided to do what I do best, 3d sculpting. And in this post, I will also talk a little bit about this amazing character Elizabeth. But first, here it is, Elizabeth Comstock rendered in Blender 2.8 EEVEE in black and white to give her the noir look that she had when she first appears in the DLC Burial at Sea.   


“There’s a world of difference between the what we see, and what is.”
-Elizabeth Comstock  

The sculpture above is Elizabeth's final appearance as she appears in the DLC Burial at Sea. Along the course of the game, she changes in both appearance and personality. When the player first meets Elizabeth as Booker DeWitt, she’s locked in an angel-looking-shaped tower that she always believed as her home, but is actually a big cage that suppresses her power with a lab to observe her built in it. 

Major spoiler alert!

Booker takes Elizabeth out of the tower as a girl who just discovered both the wonders and the bad things of the world and try to find and enjoy the positives, grows to understand that her existence can bring about a chaos from the reign of one man and the fall of many others, then realise that she has to do something about it herself, which she did, she does, and she will.

Elizabeth opens a tear to someplace. In-game footage, not my 3d creation.

“What makes the girl different? I suspect it has less to do with what she is, and rather more with what she is not. A small part of her remains from where she came. It would seem the universe does not like its peas mixed with its porridge.”
-Rosalind Lutece  

Elizabeth can open up a portal to a parallel universe. She used to be Anna DeWitt, the daughter of Booker DeWitt from, let’s say, timeline A, who was stolen by a man named Zachary Hale Comstock in timeline B as an infant, thus the change of her name to Elizabeth Comstock. Due to a little accident during the struggle between Booker and Comstock, Elizabeth’s pinky finger got severed when the portal closed, which resulted in one Elizabeth existing simultaniously in two different realities. Because of this glitch in the universe, she can manipulate tears—a rip in the fabric of space and time—a big part of her lore that serves nicely in the combat gameplay.

This big part of her lore not only play a big part in the main storyline too, but also saved the game from being a 20 hours long of escort mission hell. Storywise, as Booker the player has to escort Elizabeth to escape the floating city Columbia. However, gameplaywise it actually feels like we're the one being escorted by Elizabeth. She's the one providing health replenishment, weapons and other useful stuff she brings from another timeline, and keeping Booker up and fighting.


Take a look at this Elizabeth cosplay photo. Pretty cool, right? Well, guess what, that is who Elizabeth’s model is based on—a Russian cosplayer Anna ‘Ormeli’ Moleva. So basically she’s the real-life Elizabeth, though not including the voice which was done by a different person.

Preview viewport render

Oh yes, she is actually coloured. I decided to vertex paint her instead of going through the longer route to retopologize and uv unwrap her because this is for a one-off render only. However, due to my laptop screaming in agony while I paint her texture in extremely high-polycount I can't give much texture details. 

I've been spending a lot of time in modelling and texturing some of my other WIP characters that I forgot how to sculpt some things, which is somewhat frightening. Yes, I think that's what I feel. I think I'll try to do one speed sculpt a day to keep my hard-acquired sculpting knowledge.  

But, good thing the result turned out the way I was going for, so I'm quite satisfied. Although it kinda sucks that the sculpted details on her clothes (wrinkles, bumps and crevices, etc) which I spent a lot of time on are barely visible after she's posed. As a reference for those of you who never played the game here's the original character looks like:

Image property of Gavin Goulden 

This femme fatale look is her third appearance in the game, which suits her matured, darker character really well. Especially during the scene where blood splattered to her face and shirt as she watches Booker gets brutally murdered by getting his body drilled from the back by a Big Daddy. 

Here's my sculpted model before the pose when the clothes details are visible:

My friend didn't believe me when I said all this started with a plain cube. Well, it was something hard to believe for me as well before I began 3d modelling. But right now, sometimes staring at the default cube in Blender can get me started real quick, or make me confused what to make of it. 

As for now, my plan for my 3d modelling is to do more practise rather than research because in the past there was a time when I observe too much that I didn't create much. And my plan for this incredible game is to forget about it as much as I could, just so I can play it again a few years from now and get stunned by its story like the first time again. Though, making this post brought some of my memories of the game back.

Is there any game from the modern era that you love so much you want to put it on a pedestal? If not, maybe you'll like BioShock Infinite then. I like hearing what you think about my work. So if you have any questions, critics, or any thoughts let me know in the comment below. Thank you to @archdruid for the fun contest, and thanks to you for visiting my post. I hope you'll visit again on the next one!

I'll leave you with this music from Rapture Records.


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I kind of vaguely remember that character from watching one of the boys playing through the Bioshock games XD Did you model her with the missing pinky or does the Elizabeth Comstock version manage to magically regrow it?

So there's a bit in the game that's kind of noir then going from the black and white?

And I can totally believe that entire model came from a cube, my Base base model was made from a cube XD (the rest of the base models then came from that Base model) Back before sculpting was a thing and I had to edge model the pez dispenser phase always cracked me up XD Now I sculpt everything from a sphere in 3dC (same but different XD).


Did your boys like the game? :>
I actually modelled the little metallic thing she put on her missing pinky, but stopped midway because of her pose, it won't be visible anyway.

There is a little bit of a noir film atmosphere in the beginning of the game. After that, the only thing about that bit is only her appearance (and behaviour).

Yeah, for us 3d artists it's nothing to be surprised about. But my friend is someone who's rarely touch a computer, so, yeah, his reaction was getting more and more annoying with each "that's not possible" that came out of his snarky mouth XD

That's the fun part of 3d arting, really. Sculpt and model stuff from scratch, unless I have a deadline...or feel like basing all my characters with that one base model that just happen to be so good somehow XD

If, I had forgotten about the Bioshock series, this was the best of the lot! I loved Elizabeth!


Yeah, way better than Booker imo. Having the opportunity to play as her in Burial at Sea was great, but sadly the stealth gameplay was kinda meh...


Hmmm... I don't remember that DLC... I have to go and check to see if I played it....

Cool 3D art! Would've love to see your fanfic

Damn you made that from a cube? Teach me your 3D model cube ways//no

Unfortunately my pedestal has been taken up by Monster Prom, Ace Attorney and Undertale(and Kindergarten 2 and probably other games I can't really think of now)

Though I should really check out this game too someday


Thank you, Thilah ^^
On a second thought, I'll never make a BioShock Infinite fanfic, wouldn't want to butcher a masterpiece with my broken Engrish.

Mhm, a curious looking cube and d e t e r m i n a t i o n. I'll teach you anything I know about 3d if you want...

If you like mind-boggling-time travel-multiverse-parallel-juice then chances are you'll like this game.

Great and memorable character from a brilliant game. Elizabeth was extremely well done, makes me want to go back and play it through again :) Something I might do on new new gaming rig!


She is. Playing this series again in a new rig is actually the second reason why I wait several years to replay it again haha. Better yet if I can get another copy on GOG (or through GOG Connect). DRM freeeee~


I own a copy on steam so it will definitely make the list and think il focus on a retrospective review. The incredible story really has not been replicated in recent memory so it will be a fun experience!

1 !BEER Token for you

Nice art in monomad


Thank you~


You're welcome

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