On The Top

2년 전

Here is a photo for the tag of #architecturalphotography. I took this photo by my smartphone in Rize where is in the north of Turkey. It is a mosque located on the top of hill.


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Wow, that is really high and you have such a good view and I like that little covered beaches, I think after such a hiking people would be happy to have a little rest :)

Very nice place looks for historical place nice pic.

Nice Bro.@chorock

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@chorock, In my opinion you've captured an amazing view, and first of all any one can attract towards the Hill View for sure because it holds the natural essence. And here i want to say one thing which is reflecting as Artistic and that is, Sky View, just see those bluish layers of colours which holds the breathtaking essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Great photo!

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