Creating a memory of the ocean.

10개월 전

So, this is a memory of the sea I created with the shell I collected from the ocean of Malaysia. It was my first visit to the sea as my country is the country of mountains Nepal. So this memory of my first visit to the ocean is something that I can never express in words. I still remember spending hours sitting under water and looking at the end of the sea wanting to explore it. The sound of the waves and the waves hitting me back, the smell of the sea is the thing I will cherish a lot. So, I wanted to give this memory a small gift with this decor I made. I used a base of clay where I pressed the shell to create a mould and then pouring the liquid of plaster of paris(you can also use cement) and let it dry. And the finishing product is right infront of you. I am gonna colour it in the upcoming days and do the finishing.


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