Creating my own photo album.

7개월 전

Hello everyone!
How have you all been recently? So, today I am back with my new sketch. Do you all know what is the best thing about art, it is you can create things that doesn't exist. I take this sketch as one of my special sketch as it's something that doesn't exist.
Okay, so what I am trying to say is that this photo was never there, I merged two photo into one. The little one is me whereas the other one is my lovely mom.

Its been 3 years my mom left us and is in the care of god now. I have never been able to take good photos with her when she was alive as I had no mobile phone with camera, and I always felt bad about it. But now I am a bit relieved that I can still create some of my own photos with her. So, this is my first photo of my personal album. I hope she is really happy to see this.

Materials used:
Indian Cartridge 13*12cm
Pencil - Staedtler 2B, 4B, 6B
Charcoal eraser







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