Torso on clay.

9개월 전

Hello everyone!

Today, I am back with my new work that I did on clay.
It took me around a week (3-4hr/day) to completely finish this work. This was my first life size sculpture so I was quite nervous. But the outcome of this torso came out pretty amazing as well as satisfying. It was really fun working on this. Even a slightly small little can teach you a lot of things that's going to be a great help in future works.

Material used:
Wooden base
Binding wire
Wooden butterfly (it is technical term)




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That is amazing, the human anatomy, really good work!

By the way, I know that you also do other Artwork there is new Art contest, it would be worth to take part, only the work needs to be new, signed and dated, but also first tag: @wherein-art


Oh that's great. Thank you for the suggestion.

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