Living an Extraordinary Life Presentation | AJ Brockman

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This is a recent presentation on my back story and the mission behind my 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Kelsey Cares. I give an in-depth background on what it takes to build an arts District and projects we provide to support the arts. Please check out the video and consider contributing or spreading the word on our efforts. All upvotes from this post will also be counted towards the project.

(In full disclosure, I will be using upvote bots to increase donations)

Donate Here :

Donate BTC Here : 3Fc8xrMcMPx5FVwacr6uzkqE4vSiqaBfs7

Introducing Kelsey Cares. After multiple community projects to revitalize the Town of Lake Park through the arts, specifically our renowned mural projects, we are now furthering our efforts through receiving our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Founded in 1919, the original Kelsey City (now Lake Park) was a cultural hub and we are continuing Harry Kelsey's vision by cultivating The Lake Park Arts District. Kelsey Cares is Funding art, theater, music, film, and cultural development through community outreach by providing subsidies for productions, events, artists and musicians to carry out their mission.

If you are in the area, please join us for "The 4yr Anniversary Block Party" scheduled for May 12, 2018. This will serve as our official wrap party and unveiling of the finished mural. Food trucks, vendors, craft beer, live music, art demonstrations, and much more will be going down as we put the finishing touches on this masterpiece the day of.

Thank you for reading and please consider upvoting this post, following me, and leaving a comment. If you're looking to go the extra mile in helping me on my journey, also please consider a re–steem so I am able to reach your audience. The steemit community means the world to me and I look forward to posting daily content with all of you.

As my account grows, it is becoming more difficult to reply to every comment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to respond. I can guarantee I at least read every comment given. I am dedicated to spending a full-time effort on this platform. Any reproduction of my work without written consent is strictly prohibited. Please remember the best way to grow our community is by producing outstanding original content of your own to share with all of us.

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true story


Yea it's really a great presentation

It seems very hard and tough to make this type of hard and worthy work. Although video is very long but interesting as well.


Wow sir plzzz... only give upvote


yes interesting and very hard videos

I watched your video on Vimeo because I am researching first the person before I believe in. I found out an inspiring story behind of this digital art. I am following you now and upvoting your blog, this is all I can give as a help to your wonderful project. Great job @abrockman


Thank you my friend, appreciate you looking into my background. Look forward to keeping in touch.


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Creativity, well done
Interesting point of view .. Nice experience, good for you
Great post..


The most important thing is his psyche..

This is a noble endeavor to help the needy. kudos!

good post

Great job! UPVOTED!

Very good projects. I wish you all the best.

Every individual has the potential to achieve great heights irrespective of his physical ailments, you have proved it. The best example is stephen hawking

We all have a responsibility, and a role to play.

Congrats for it!


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Sometimes our body is not what we want. The most important thing is our psyche. Therefore, never give up and fight for each day of our existence here.

wow.what an living extraordinary life presentation that was.keep it continue to give such as life it was.....✌✌✌


The most important thing is his psyche..

remember the best way to grow our community

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Buena iniciativa, espero que consigas tu objetivo en haras de tu consecuencia y de no dejar morir tus sueños

congratulations on the 4yr Birthday Party "scheduled for May 12, 2018. it's incredible on your premises that make this show music, culture, crafts, various other performances at this birthday party event.

What is it ??? Living an Extraordinary Life Presentation | AJ Brockman...Please them in short @abrockman??

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Excellent support, continue so brother greetings from venezuela

excellent presentation and great think .you are brilliant .

Re blogging - thanks for the great work!

Inspiration can come in any form isn't it?

This was an interesting presentation and a good effort.

Presentation is awesome and amazing nice post

steve hawaki

Great presentation 🤗

I saw the presentation.
Great presentation!


wow that's great. very good presentation.

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great presentation ever ,.. thanks for sharing

Very nice presentation.

Nice moment the picture

Nice moment the picture

Nice moment the picture


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Loved the way of sharing and way of sharing.
keep it up dear,and have a great day ahead.


The most important thing is his psyche..

What you are doing is good!

What you are doing is good!

Too great .really i liked

Great concept @abrockman by building and bringing people together to foster development through the use of entertainment and arts. Weldone boss 👍

You said in your video that when you work for someone else you do what they want because they are the ones paying you. On Steemit it is everyone's combined contributions that allows all of us to earn. It goes into a rewards pools and everyone pulls from it. Some have been abusing that privilege by the use of bots to gain hundreds of dollars from the rewards pool for very little effort. Like posting a three minute video with a paragraph or by posting a old video with a paragraph and reaping hundreds from the rewards pool. I understand that you are disabled but you are by no means hurting for money owning a brewery whereas there are a lot of people here literally starving trying to make a few pennies in third world countries and basically you are making that harder by taking such large sums away from the reward pool. There's not even that much on this site that people put a collective effort behind that's worth the kind of money you are taking out of the system for little effort. You have been able to buy during your lifetime a whole city block and turn it into a art's collective with a brewery attached there should be no reason you feel compelled to cheat the system at the expense of everyone else. I am not saying don't use bots just use them with more consideration and desecration upon how you are hurting others, many just trying to find money for food.

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Excellent presentation and very motivated

Amazing! You're a real inspiration

Woww that's amazing man...

This can be considered an extraordinary presentation.

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Ya know, if you're interested...
I could shoot over there for this event and we could do an episode of Hots or Shots with you in front of a live audience.
Due to the nature of the event, we can skip the coinflip and just make it Hots episode utilizing food from the local vendors.
Something to think about.


That would be awesome brother, I lost your email, definitely hit me up on doing this if you would like to make the trip!


Hola @jonny-clearwater, fantástico si se hiciera realidad esa propueta , de estar presente en el Espectáculo de abrockman y hacer un episodio de Hots o Shots. No me lo perdería por nada del mundo. Eso sería genial y contribuiría con tu labor filantrópica difundiendo su proyecto.

Great presentation and explanation in very good way

Hi AJ Brockman,
Its Great presentation i love to listen these video, thanks for share

Awesome presentation
Really interesting to watch over and over again...




He is amazing



Cool and amazing life presentation



Awesome presentation!!

What kind of will? Thank you

Great presentation! Thanks for share .30777091_2011149735790461_1530927462_n.jpg


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Ngarbarloz bote maa ya tar lal ha

what an extra ordinary post of the day

Great initiative! wish you all the luck of the world. Of course you got my upvote. Hope to read you again soon.

que tengas éxito

Excelent brother! Everyone does not have that initiative to help the most vulnerable and give recognition to their artistic talent without profit. I congratulate you for this valuable informative contribution. This contributes as a spearhead for all those in the world who are in the artistic anonymity due to lack of resources. God Bless you and have many successes.

Excellent presentation!. I was delighted to read your post.

Sometimes even a friendly smile can save a life. People often forget others and become very engrossed in their own problems. This leads to a negative downward spiral and a chain reaction of selfishness. A generation of selfish people is the last thing we need today. Imagine if everybody was willing to be kind and compassionate to each other. If it was not forced, but a habit. This would change the world.

good job brother goes on like this

Congratulations @abrockman I'm only two months into steemit, but the little I've learned from your work, I could see that you have an extraordinary story.
God bless you always!


The most important thing is his psyche..

you are really extra ordinary. Thanks for the great presentation!!!

good post My friend @abrockman

Sometimes even a friendly smile can save a life. People often forget others and become very engrossed in their own problems. This leads to a negative downward spiral and a chain reaction of selfishness. A generation of selfish people is the last thing we need today. Imagine if everybody was willing to be kind and compassionate to each other. If it was not forced, but a habit. This would change the world.

Thank you for the inspiration man..

Extraordinary presentation, fruit of the effort and greatness of the human being,


This is a great initiative.

Mantap dan bagus sekali post kamu ya saya sangat suka sekali...
Saya adalah @badriadi83 silahkan lihat post saya jika kamu berkenan, terimakasih

Special VIP pre-party reception featuring guest speaker AJ Brockman, early admittance, complimentary drink, and pictures with Star Wars characters. MUST purchase VIP ticket.

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You really made me feel my good side and you actually motivated me to start taking my health more seriously.



@abrockman, That post was very good. I read this full. you are doing good work without any doubt. although this video was so long but it was very interesting. And this presentation is very good. ☺

Great work !!!

great presentation

After watching the video, I could not help but appreciate your efforts!

Excelente presentación, adelante...que nada te detenga corazón @abrockman...Eres gran ejemplo de persona noble y luhadora... Por estos lares estamos a la orden para apoyarte con tu fundación.

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Te felicito, por tu ayuda sin fiens de lucro al arte. Que se logren tus proyectos. buen post.

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i love it so so much..
keep it up..
thank you


yes.. it is great like u!!!


Hola @abrockman, fantástico si se hiciera realidad esa propuetas que te ha hecho @jonny-clearwater, de estar presente en tu Espectáculo y hacer un episodio de Hots o Shots. No me lo perdería por nada del mundo. Eso sería genial y contribuiría con tu labor filantrópica difundiendo tu proyecto.

Great presentation and thanks for the post

Nice presentation

Very good projects, LOVEEEEE

just amaizing.... congratulations....

Wow...this inspirational abrockman. Thanks for sharing. Following and look forward to your future posts.

It's interisting, very good.

Wow what a good presentation, I loved it

Presentation ilike

Upvoted immediately especially considering that the proceeds go to a non-profit. I'm a firm advocate and believer in anyone who promotes a noble cause and sacrifices their personal time for humanitarian activism.

In other words; If I see something that's right, and by right I mean morally captivating & full of integrity, I literally start to tear up. Some call me sensitive. Some "masculine" men have called me a bitch.

I prefer to think of it as empathy. Some people have it, others just don't. I'm really glad & fortunate that I do.

Very beautiful presentation. I'm still relatively new to Steemit so forgive me if I do not complete understand the etiquette. Your presentation was absolutely motivating and an inspiration to me personally and should be seen by every entitled millennial who doesn't understand how good they have it and how much worse things could be.

Excellent presentation, I can not stop seeing it several times @abrockman

Awesom!! Its really a brilliant presentation..

This is the type of content I like to see in the Top Trending tag @abrockman!! Thanks so much for sharing your insights into creating this nonprofit, as I have been thinking about the role nonprofit organizations play in our society.

Let this serve as motivation for more of us to do the same and contribute our unique perspectives toward bettering the world, one person at a time!

What great words, we need more men like that in the world, with your way of thinking. Just make it happen.

I congratulate you, you are a great man, it inspires me

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.
Good day, I give you a warm welcome ... I hope you have much success and fortune in steemit.
i followed you if you intrested follow me back.....

Creativity has no limit, inspiring story!

Love from Dubai!

These initiatives are very well applauded

Very nice posting brother.
This post make me full inspiration

awesome. thanks

wonderfull spirit, reminded me of Mo Gawdat and his sons tattoo
gravity battle.jpg
"The gravity of the battle means nothing to those at peace"

Interesting way to help this towm. Steemit is a great tool for this kind of idea.

Wow ! It's was a great presentesion

Very good presentation AJ Loved it loved it.gif

It actually takes nothing to help others in need. Well articulated post

Good Nike

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nice presentation

nice presentation

nice presentation

nice presentation

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Realistic Presentation!!

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Thank you. You add beauty to your life

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The world would be much better with people such as you

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Thank you for an interesting post!

Thanks for sharing, I always find it fascinating how we, as human, always manage to go beyond ordinary life. Thank you, deeply, thank you for sharing this.

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Worth reading.. I was filled with contentment after reading this.

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Many Thanks.

Thank you for sharing this presentation!!!