Blacksmith Illustration WIP

3년 전

I have been away from steem platform for a very long time, longest I've ever been. The reason is I had a full pack of schedule for the last couple of months starting mid January and haven't had a good rest ever since. And If ever I had a few time to spare I rather spend it with family, friends, pets, and sleep.

But despite not being active here for a while, I had some great time on the discord channels. I talked to discord friends XD

Anyway, I would like to update my profile just so you know I am still interested to come back AHAHAHHA, of course!


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The other night I had some free time and decided to finally start painting a new personal artwork.

Part of my training was that every time I was asked for a sketch it should already be in a teaser version of how the final output might look like.
But of course, there will be some fixing to do during the rendering stage :) But at least you know where you're heading

The process consists of

  • Guidelines, more guidelines
    Setting the Horizon

Rules of Third guide


Horizontal guide


Vertical guide (adjusted base on perspective)


  • Line draft (I just select from my library of composition drafts, it's such a waste not to render them, right?)


  • BnW draft (I haven't kept the updated one coz I already used it and merged it with colors


-And finally the color sketch a.k.a teaser sketch hihihi


Right now I am resuming to work on client stuff and will continue this precious in my free time.


If you want to support me, feel free to like my fb page :
I sometimes post client works there :D
Thanks and see you soon!

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Good to see you back, we missed your artworks at nTopaz, i hope you have the time to be more active:) The photos at the post are rather small.. like a thumb, it makes it diffucult to enjoy the details of your artwork.


Thank you so much! I miss posting at nTopaz XD

Well, It is a sketch thumb @georgeboya :D a teaser version of how the final output might look like.
The refine details will be done on the rendering stage :D


Oh, I am looking forward to see the final result, the teaser was very teasing 😂

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Will do my best!!!! <3


I am sure 😊

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Thanks for the support @georgeboya :D

Wicked!! That was so much visual direction to create such an interesting composition. If this is a thumb, the final is gona be amazing :0 cries

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Thank you so much @melissamyra <3
I'm excited to render it, I hope I'll give it justice haha, will do my best!

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Wow! thank you so much! <3

I'm in awe of computer graphics that look like hand-painted portraits. I love seeing the process. Thanks for taking time to share that. Fantastic work! I'll definitely check out your Facebook site too.


Thank you so much @carolkean <3 I really appreciate it

Congratulations, great work!


Thank you so much @bayanihan :D

welcome back @adelair is really nice to see you here again! Thanks to share your wonderful work!


Thank you @abrahmatan
Hoping to have the final output posted here :)

WOW... this come very cool ... I like this idea :)

Very cool and interesting work, @adelair! Many thanks for sharing it!

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