Character Design Elven Rogue


char thumbs.jpg

While I was working earlier, a thought just randomly came in mind. I don't want to waste any artistic ideas so I sketched it out real quick, adding some gesture/ action poses.

She is an Elven rogue. Feminine and kill with a class hahaha
I'd love to elaborate more of her designs in the future.

Anyway, lately I am having fun with loose sketches and I think more ideas are popping out compared to the times I just limit myself with refined finished product (wherein i feel pressured and ideas came in slow)

I hope you don't mind me posting my random design ideas here. I just wanted to share and hope my co-artists will feel inspired by it :)

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🎉 Congratulations @adelair! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Pretty nice! I’ve always been fond of these kind of action posed sketches.


wow! great to hear that @sleepingcowboy :) I love action poses too! I mean I am more into action pose than ordinary poses hihihi

I like the character and all the poses are very roguish:)


wow yes, thank God It look like it hahahahah
Thanks @georgeboya :D


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Great set of sketches! Awesome stuff!


Thank you so much @wwwiebe :D more to cooome!

Very cool sketches @adelair! O love loose sketches :)


Thank yoooouuu @midlet-yourpal <3 I've been having fun with loose sketches, it's so adicting!hhaha

I love this! So very expressive and animated. Looking forward to seeing more of these!


Thank you so much @harrisonmir :D yeah! more to cooooome :D

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Those are quite cool! I'm all about the looseness now when sketching honestly. As you said ideas flow better with looseness and for me they're always a treat to see, I feel they are way more expressive than a final refined piece. I think loose quasi-abstract sketches (where the artist just expressed something with a few lines or shades instead of rendering and making it super obvious) let so much to the viewer's imagination and that is key for a fun experience. I have not made an illustration in quite some time, but my goal is to make digital paintings that look loose and sketchy but also like "final" piece.

Keep it up! They ARE inspiring.

  ·  작년

Oh... and perhaps you could add some zooms to the post for the pleasure of some viewers like me.
Would love to see the strokes up close... o yeah.


hahaha thank you so much @znkd
yes, and loose sketches aren't really meant to be perfect anyway, it just make you put the idea into visual, and you can just fix it on final render however you want XD

I will try next time on my next posts. But I think you've seen the video process of the previous sketches, they're pretty much same process


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She looks like a deadly force to reckon with <3 A great and cool design to her character, Adelair :D

Loose sketches are really fun :D :D :D



Thanks @veryspider :D I really am fond of characters with strong personalities! I'm enjoying this loose personal project!

Interesting sketches, @adelair! They look very cool! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks also @trincowski :D adding them to my pool of characters hihi

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Thank you so much Rada Quest Team :D