Dance Animation Clip and Gesture Sketch



Hello Hellooooooo :)

I made an animation, a dance clip! hihihi
I have been sketching gestures and I wanted to try doing it in continuous manner and so here it is! :)
I based it from one of the videos of Urban Dance Camp ^_^

Here is the video process:


09 15 2019less.jpg

here is the video process for this:

I really hope you enjoyed the animation and sketches I did :D

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Hi adelair,

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Hello! A pleasure ♡

The work you did is worth gold because I know very well how much effort you put to show in a video, I congratulate you! You are fantastic :)

It is very difficult for me to do this type of work.
That's why I admire who has the ability to achieve such incredible effects as this.
I congratulate you on your art. Go ahead and enjoy your deserved Curie vote.

I see you are in a party mood @adelair, cool animation:)

this is pretty cool! Also glad to see you again posting!

wow tremendous work !! In my opinion it is super. I congratulate you. Since I don't know anything about animation, can you tell me in which program you joined the sketches? Also thanks for the bonus. Regards @adelair

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Upvote though low vp

I love the animation! good job