Happy D.O Day (Sketch Process)

2년 전

I've been very busy lately. So many thing I haven't updated - my games, my holiday gifts, my responses to friends on their tags ( but I love you guys) and uploading in this platform.


Today, I just made a very quick sketch for my dearest Do Kyung soo <3 It's his day today!!!!! Happy Birthdaaaaay <3

Also, I don't know why dtube isn't allowing me to upload, well anyway here's the video process :)

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EXO's D.O !!! Happy birthday !!! A very nice birthday portrait sketch :D


Thaaaanks very spider <3 I hope he is enjoying his day!! :D

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Nice portrait!!!
Congratulations and Steem on!

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Thank you so much @moncia90 :)
Steem on!

Nice sketch adelair... he is handsome :).


Thaaaaanks scrawly <3 he is, indeed!