Pose Sketch Day 2 (with video process)



Good day everyone!
Earlier I did some warm up sketches. I am having fun going back to basics whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed with work hahaha

So far, I can tell that I've improved on the gracefulness of my lines and my poses looks dynamic and not stiff! yey :D

I also included a video process

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Very cool sketches, @adelair. Good work!


Thank you so much @trincowski :) yeeeey! hihi

Its really enjoyable to see you work @adelair:) So many different poses and characters and you started from scratch is each one! Cool musi also,lol.

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Thank you so much @georgeboya :) it's a cool exercise to start your day hihi
ooohhh thanks for telling me about creativecoin tag, I'll add it on my next posts :D


You are very welcome, looking forward to see your new artwork:)

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Gosh I love these, Adelair! So beautiful! The way you do the linearts are full with grace and dynamism ! Love, LOVE these <3 <3 <3

....also I love that your love for period k-drama shines on XD


hi @veryspider <3 Thaaaaank you!!! and yeees! My favorite theme ancient/medieval eras hihih


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Congratulations!! Human body are not easy to draw, and you made it very well ! You represent also the movement perfectly. We see, in a few strokes of pencil, the personnality and action of the character. Well done! :)


Thank you so much @pipoune :D I'm so happy to hear that I did well <3

The positions are incredible dear @adelair, I really like how dynamic they have become. It's great to see your process! definitely very inspiring!


Thank you @yanes94 :) yes aiming for graceful lines :)


You're welcome, it's great to see your designs. These are simple concepts but they look interesting and have good potential :)