Tutorial : How to Apply Phototextures

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Before I start working, I do some simple warm-ups. And I think it would be a waste not to share it with you.

Here is a basic tutorial on how to apply photo textures on you art (I will start from the very sketch process). It depends on you whether you'll use photo textures or not. But in a case for a Triple A ( AAA ) title games, you'll encounter this process most of the time.

Let's Start!

1 First, create the sketch


2 And then add the flat / base


3 Add shading ( only ambient lighting )


4 Add creative lighting/ whatever lighting needed for your art


5 Add base color.
Use new layer and clip mask. Play with the blend modes, you can use overlay, soft light, multiply, etc.


6 Add some muddy colors and other initial supporting details


7 This is the moment to add your photo textures. Find textures that doesn't have specific lighting direction as it can affect the lighting we established during the early stages.



Add new layer and clip mask it on the layer of the object. Play with the blend modes, you can use overlay, soft light, multiply, etc.

Do not just put it over the artwork, adjust it according to the curvature/ arch of your work.


8 Adjust color by adjusting the photo texture, or the jar itself. This is if your desire output isn't meet when you add the texture. You can adjust by playing with the adjusting layers ( levels, curve, color balance, hue and saturation, etc. )


9 Finally, polish your work by adding details


Artworks copyright @adelair - All Rights Reserved

Viola! So that's the basic process of adding photo textures. Of course this is the easiest presentation of the process but basically that's how things work :)

I hope you learned something from this warm up ^_^


Bonus: I got my complementary copies weeks ago. Yeeeey! My works are inside XD I also just got the permission to post the work I did a year ago so yeeeey again!

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Awesome post, Adelair! Great job!


Thank you so much dear @trincowski :D
I'm trying to update once in a while XD

Nice tutorial, adelair!

And it must feel great to look at your own art in the magazines, congratulations!


Thanks @scrawly <3
I hope there's something to learn in this post hahahha

yes, I feel so much happiness receiving the book <3 <3 <3

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